UiiSii Hi705 Headphones

How is the UiiSii Hi-705 headphone sound quality?

Video & Audio

1, very good looking headphones, just can give my wife, I like K songs, this headset recording is very good, very satisfied, very good, if you still need to start, the second is also Very careful, such a good store business must be good, I wish business is booming.

2, the size is right, the color is very positive, wearing very comfortable, the sound quality is great, the second is very patient and satisfied.

3, headphones or friends recommended, after using it once, I like this headset, I use headphones to compare fees, UiiSii Hi705 headphones sound quality is still very good, work fine, the appearance is better, the delivery speed is also very fast, Nothing to say, force it.

4, the sound quality is good, the stereoscopic effect is very strong, colleagues and friends are very fond of, have to buy on behalf of, very good.

5, the sound quality is very good, with me bought more than two hundred is not bad, cost-effective, very satisfied.

6, the headset received, has been used, the sound quality is very good, good.

7, the quality is very good, exactly the same as the seller described, very satisfied, really like it, completely exceed the expected value, the delivery speed is very fast, the packaging is very careful and strict, the logistics company has a good service attitude, the delivery speed is very fast, very Satisfied with a shopping.

8, still very good-looking, although there is no choice of red, black is also very good, very satisfied, wearing very comfortable. The earphones are also very light, there is no heavy metal feel, the store is very fast, and the attitude is very good, thank you.

9, the packaging is perfect, put the music to listen to it, the sound quality is very good, it is worth starting

10, received, I like it very much, very good value for money, very good, the seller is very kind, next time.

11, very like, quality or work is good, the price is cheaper than the store. The packaging is pretty good, the details are handled well. very satisfied. I will come back next time.

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