Three steps to solve the common problems of 802.11n wireless network


802.11n wireless network is known by high-speed, but after the real using, you maybe disappoint with the publicity. There are many factors that may affect the performance of the wireless N equipment, now let us find it out.

The description of promotional materials on the market are usually the best case of data transmission, so the real situation is often biased. For example, the publicity regard the wireless wifi dongle network transmission rate advertised as 300Mbps, but the actual use may be only 100Mbps. You need other tests to get the real value of the program. Before solving the question ot the speed, the first thing should to consider is that 802.11n standard is not perfect version, so its products need to be improved. You can solve these problems by the following steps:

First, Make sure you are using the new adapter

If you see the maximum data transfer rate is 54Mbps or lower, at first, should look to which you using, the wireless N adapter or the old wireless G card? The old new N adapter can be connected the new N device, but the performance and speed will greatly be reduced. Therefore, you should update the wireless devices.

Second, verify whether the hardware is produced from the same manufacturer

The reason why WiFi Alliance need to certificate the wireless networking products, is to ensure that vendors are synchronous development of equipment. However, some features are proprietary by some individual companies , so must be matched with Caixing. In addition, wireless N devices may involve more interoperability problems. Official standards should be improved is one reason, those suppliers launched are also in the trial product. So we should use the same vendor’s networking equipment to avoid potential problems.

If you have not selected a favorite brand, try a special that you had wireless WiFi dongle. For example, if you want to use wireless media extender to photos, videos and music from your computer to send to the TV, you may want different brands of devices in the selection. Therefore, the balance, you can find a suitable product. After selecting a brand, you should also search on the Internet related comments, and ultimately make a choice.

Third, Only use WPA2 to encrypt

Wireless N standard does not support WEP, so using such encrypted connection the speed will be limited to 54Mbps, even with N standard equipment is no exception. In addition, the first version of WPA can not provide the maximize wireless performance on the N network . Therefore, you should use WPA2 personal or enterprise encryption technology.

If your wireless WiFi dongle is an only support WEP encryption old product, you should check the manufacturer’s website to get driver updates, and be ensure that Window is the latest. If this does not help, you can find a new wireless card. In the browser, enter the device IP address, log-in routing configuration tool, change the encryption settings. The default IP and password are listed in the document. You should find the wireless settings, and change the encryption type.

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