Healthy Air On The Go


You love your car so much as it takes to different places. As you want your car to smell fresh at all times, you want some tips on how to choose a car air freshener. Today, I recommend a nice car refresher for your car.

This is our new arrival Ozone Disinfector air purifier. The air refresher for the car lets drivers breathe pure air by eliminating bad odors, harmful gases, smoke, bacteria, dust, pollen, and other particles from the vehicle. It has the following futures:

car refresher

Adopt anion technology: Extremely purify the air and remove toxic substances including the dust, odors, molds, etc.

Produce active oxygen molecules: The anions may release the negative electric charges from oxygen molecules to make them more active. Therefore, the lungs will absorb 20% more oxygen and expel 15% more carbon dioxide.

Broad-spectrum and efficient ozone: Ozone may kill virus, and will be deoxidized into oxygen in the end without secondary pollution, which the chemical agents can not achieve.

Effective prevention of the air-conditioning diseases: Anions may improve metabolism, maintain a fresh air, relieve fatigue and effectively prevent the diseases arising from the air-conditioning.

car refresher

Automatic timed sterilization: Automatic timed operation of ozone, 15 minutes after startup, one time of sterilization is finished and the machine is shut down automatically then the ion starts to work.

Protect eyes and refresh yourself. Negative ion connected with positive charge to reduce the static radiation and protect your eyes.

Addition of any fragrance: The fragrance tablets that release fragrance slowly are adopted.

car refresher

Double-sided adhesive bottom facilitates its stable placement and designed with two holes for mounting screws.

Delicate style to be integrated with autos, moreover, it is suitable for the office as well as home environment, which shows your special taste.

This car air refresher is a good product to keep your car interiors smelling good with air freshener or perfumes. To have one and enjoy the “Healthy Air on the Go”, Whenever and wherever you drive.




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