Nyko released a new Wii remote peripheral wireless Charger Kit


Nyko Technologies, a leading manufacturer of video game peripherals, today announced that a Wii development, the controller charger circuit chip with a new base of the official listing, it is based on the previous world’s best selling Wii Charge Station from.

The charging base is characterized by inductive charging, the base of the chip uses a sensor technology to wii controller charger, to replace the traditional metal contacts to Wii remote control or the battery contacts. This design allows users to charge the base no longer need to handle remove the Wii silicone case or any accessories attached to the above. Base using a high power core to a charge for each of the Wii remote power supply. It also provides a USB charging port, you can use it to charge other devices.

“With the Wii charger on the market, our products are welcomed by many consumers.” Nyko Technologies technical director Chris Arbogast said, “We continue to improve the previous method of charging to provide to consumers the most convenient charging solution avant-garde program.

The charging base also supporting the market for two magnetic Wii remote battery cover, and the magnetic compatible rechargeable wii battery packs.

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