3D Optical Mouse – The Best Choice for Your Computer


Among all the computer accessories, your mouse will be a key part of your use. The time of using computer mouse is increasing at a startling rate. Also the technology advanced in mouse, you have too many selections in choosing a computer mouse. Today, the 3D Optical Mouse may be the best choice and used mostly in our daily life. The 3D Optical Mouse set up the new trend for computer lovers. You can enjoy the absolute freedom of using a wireless mouse with all the functionality of a mouse.

3d optical mouse

Can you ever imagine about wearing a mouse on your finger? It is time to change, to revolutionize your thoughts, to welcome a new and highly innovative mouse. The 3D Optical Mouse is all you need with the special design. It is designed in three different sizes so that it will fit for any finger size. This mouse works on radio frequency and the optical feature helps to use it on all surfaces. The maximum distance it can be used is fifteen meters. There is no need of any driver installation and is powered by an internal battery. It is specifically designed to enable thumb access in all the possible ways.

You can control a three-dimensional object using the Axsotic 3D mouse. The effectively free-floating ball in the middle of this stationary mouse facilitates easy movements. You can pan, zoom or rotate with a precision of over 2000. It make use of sensitive springs and magnets that changes your actions into a three-dimensional environment. You can completely control your motions with a twist of the mouse or just with a brush of your hand. It is remarkable to use this mouse with the exciting functionality and design. It offers simple way of navigation and do not involve the hassles of left and right clicks. This mouse features a handle that will help you to move and browse. The mouse ball can be moved with finger easily. It promises a better input method for the digital and graphics media. The artists using packages like 3ds Max and Maya have got the added advantage of using a specialized input device.

Most of the people are reluctant to change the input habits using a typical mouse or keyboard. But in the digital field, changes happen quite often. You can also use a 2.4 ghz wireless mouse in one hand and a traditional mouse with the other. The 3D mouse is not intended to replace the normal mouse, but for an easier usage. The level of control that a traditional mouse can’t attain is realized by the 3D mouse. You can set your imagination free with a 3D optical mouse. The most stunning feature of a 3D optical mouse is the enhanced level of comfort. It will reduce the mouse clicks up to 50%. When working with complex assemblies, a 3D mouse is the perfect option.

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