The most expensive camera soon Xbox360 compatible out of stock


The most expensive camera soon Xbox360 compatible out of stock

With the launch of Xbox Live, the concept of home consoles with the PC more and more blurred. As long as you have a xbox360 and through the broadband network to connect to Xbox Live, you can video the same as the QQ voice and video chat with friends, and is completely free and does not need a credit card. Have you noticed the back of the USB host interface to xbox360? In fact, this is for Xbox Live Vision camera, set aside a special interface.(Xbox 360 Webcam

Xbox Live Vision camera, the technology used for the xbox 360 and PS3 from a development company dedicated GestureTek camera, using USB 2.0 interface, compatible with xbox 360 and PC, no drivers, but the camera can not coexist with a third party.(Xbox 360 Camera

The camera not only for Xbox 360, PS3 and the system with XP or vista PC, or even the driver of the apple-mac persistent system is also fully compatible, and are free to install drivers on any platform, we can see has always been known for the Microsoft software deep skill on the hardware manufacturer. “World Series of Poker: Champions League,” “Rainbow Six: Vegas” and “Uno”, “Texas Hold-Em” and other card games such as Xbox Live Arcade games will use GestureTek technology support gesture game. The technology can also use the camera to capture and build the player’s head model, generate more in-depth picture, Xbox Live community for the unique ID “gamertag” (gamertag).(Xbox 360 Vision Camera

The Xbox Live Vision camera, the price of 548 yuan, the amount in the market less and less, and channels of business that in the near future there will be no cameras arrive. Has not found the appearance of counterfeit goods, please rest assured that the majority of players to buy. Xbox Live community want to meet with the players to play with friends may wish to store a look.

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