1MORE E1023BT Clip-on aptX IPX4 BT In-Ear Headphones

Sportsman must have 1MORE E1023BT headset

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1MORE sports Bluetooth headphones E1023BT is a famous headphone manufacturer in China, 1MORE classic sports headphones. Get rid of the headset cable by connecting directly to your mobile phone and to the device connected via Bluetooth. Whether running, exercising, yoga … makes you feel more comfortable. Currently, the price of this headset in Jingdong is US $ 54.20, and interested friends can pay attention.

Aerospace metal composite diaphragm

The 1MORE sports Bluetooth headset features the patented 1MORE “sandwich” structure, which is designed with an aerospace metal composite diaphragm. The intermediate layer is made of aerospace metal, which makes the high frequency range wider and thinner. The outer layer is made of PET and PU to ensure a medium rounded range and strong bass. Large units with a diameter of 14.3 mm provide efficient operation with less distortion and easy control of tapping, displacement and electronic rhythm.

IPX4 waterproof performance

1MORE Bluetooth sports headphones feature waterproof and sweat-resistant IPX4 protection. IPX is the standard for international industrial waterproofing (0-8). “IPX4” means that when water is splashed in any direction on the headphones, the headphones and the remote control can still be used normally. Users can wear headphones without worrying about sweat and rain.

Ergonomic ear hook design

The 1MORE E1023BT Sport Bluetooth headphones follow the ergonomic design of all headphones, taking into account quality, shape and flexion. More than 100 people have tried to get a more comfortable user experience. The earpiece body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. The front part of the ear hook is made of sturdy wire and is wrapped with advanced engineering plastic. It is more durable. It can be easily folded and adjusted. The entire surface of the ear hook is made of skin-friendly TPE, which makes the hand feel more comfortable and natural.

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