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Experience the Xiaomi Air 2 Bluetooth headset with two mobile phones

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If you are a user of Xiaomi mobile phone, use Air 2 to use it, the interactive experience is OK. But for users other than this, I think this is a true wireless Bluetooth headset that is qualified.

I got the Xiaomi Air 2 Bluetooth Headset (hereafter referred to as Air 2) for almost two weeks. During this time, I took a deeper experience on this product with Xiaomi Play and Apple iPhone X. The above summary is also summarized from the experience during this time. As for the detailed experience, the following one comes together.

I believe that 99% of netizens saw the first feeling of Air 2: “Isn’t this Apple AirPods?”

It is true that the appearance of the Air 2 is similar to that of the AirPods, but whether it is the material of the charging box or the shape of the earphone, in fact, there is a considerable difference between the two.

Open the Air 2 package, which has a Type-C charging cable and a simple manual in addition to the headset and charging box.

Air 2 uses a Type-C charging port, but unfortunately does not support wireless charging.

The side of the earphone box is an operation function button, and long press to start pairing the headphones.

The earphones have the same semi-in-ear design as the AirPods. The single-sided earphone weighs only 4.5g, and for me, the weight is within acceptable limits.

About pairing: Is there a lid open window display? Some millet phones can

For the headset to open, the mobile phone immediately has a pop-up interactive experience, I believe everyone has already seen the connection between AirPods and iPhone. Fortunately, this Xiaomi Air 2 also supports this feature, but unfortunately, after my repeated tests, this feature is not suitable for every mobile phone, not even for every millet phone.

Whether it is iPhone X or Xiaomi Play phone, after the experience, I found that I don’t support the opening of the pop-up window. The Apple phone does not support me. I can understand it, but it is not supported as a Xiaomi phone. Then I went to the official website to find out that the current opening of the pop-up window function only supports some of the Xiaomi mobile phones, which will be supported by subsequent updates. That is here, I can only hope that Xiaomi can adapt it earlier.

Aside from the problem of opening the pop-up window, we return to the connection pair. The matching of the Xiaomi Air 2 is quite convenient. The conventional pairing method is to press and hold the function button next to the charging box, and wait for the indicator light on the charging box to blink to start pairing. After the pairing is successful, the indicator light goes out.

After the first pairing is successful, if you use the same mobile phone, just open the cover and take out the headset, Air 2 will automatically connect with the mobile phone (first make sure your phone’s Bluetooth remains on), it is a true wireless headset. The level of “opening and closing” is generally satisfactory in this part.

In addition to this pairing method, I also found an interactive connection method that can be similar to the “opening pop-up window” in the experience process, that is, before the first pairing, the mobile phone first opens the “Little Love Student APP”, then Wait a moment, there will be an Air 2 matching pop-up window on your mobile phone asking if you are pairing the device. It is barely able to interact with the “opening the pop-up window”.

About Xiao Ai & Interactive Control: Although the starting point is good, but still needs to be improved

If you ask me: “What is the biggest selling point of Air 2?” I will answer: “That must be said to link it with Xiaoai’s classmates and support voice awakening.”

But this voice wake-up feature is actually a completely different experience on the iPhone and Xiaomi.

—— Screaming a little love classmate on Xiaomi’s mobile phone, it’s really love.

——Call a little love classmate on the iPhone. If you don’t open the “Little Love Classmate APP”, then it is the sister Siri who wakes up (there should be a funny face here).

Whether it is Xiaomi or other brands, if you want to connect with Xiao Ai students and use Air 2’s voice wake-up function, then downloading “Little Love Student APP” is still necessary.

After installing the app and connecting with the Air 2, you can set the tapping function for the left and right headphones. In addition to shouting “Little Love Classmate”, the interactive mode is to tap the left and right earphones to wake up the little love, play/pause, The function of the previous one and the next one, but the current four functions can only achieve 4 choices of 2, personally feel that it is still a little insufficient.

As for adjusting the volume of the headphones, or you can take out the phone to adjust directly, or wake up the little love, and then say to him: “Tune the volume to XX%”, the latter’s recognition rate is OK, but if it is In a densely populated place, it is always a bit uncomfortable to operate (Zhuang) 尬 (Bi).

There is no doubt that Air 2 has the addition of a small love classmate, more intelligent scenes can be realized, querying the weather, setting alarm clocks, controlling music playback are all trivial things. After the experience, I feel that the recognition rate is not bad, and it is noisy in time. Outdoor, the recognition rate can basically satisfy the control of music and some simple operations. If it is a long statement recognition, the individual thinks there is room for improvement.

Of course, the little love ability on Air 2 is not limited to this. Just use the small love class APP to log in to the same account as Mijia APP, you can control the smart device connected to the home.

Repeated actual experience, Air 2 does link with the smart devices on the Mijia APP, but the performance on certain scenarios needs to be improved.

If the smart device has the same type for each category (for example, only one air conditioner, one fan, one TV, etc. is attached to the Mijia APP), but if there is control on multiple devices of the same category, you want to control it. Which room is the air conditioner, then you must specify the name of the air conditioner that corresponds to your setting, otherwise Xiaoai will ask you to open the following number, then you need to take out the phone to view, this time The splitting of voice interaction is more intense.

About Sound & Wearing Comfort: This is not a sporty headset

First of all, answer the questions that netizens are most concerned about: “Is the voice of the Xiaomi Air 2 Bluetooth headset really small?”

After nearly two weeks of experience, the Air 2 sound is a bit smaller than the two real wireless headphones that were compared. However, if it is used for daily use, I feel that it has little effect unless it is used in a particularly noisy place.

The Air 2’s headphones have an infrared optical sensor, so it supports in-ear monitoring, puts it on hold, and puts it on. There are three sound outlets on the earphone, and the inside is a 14.2mm diaphragm diaphragm. The overall sense of hearing did not give me such a very embarrassing feeling. On the contrary, I personally felt that its sound performance was more natural, like drinking a glass of boiled water. Although it didn’t surprise me, I listened to music everyday and connected the phone. I think Air 2 can do the job.

When it comes to answering the phone, it is necessary to talk about the microphone on the earphone. The Air 2 earphones are equipped with two main and two microphones at the top and bottom respectively. The official introduction is that this is a set of “double microphone array environment noise reduction technology”. .

In the experience of more than ten days, I used Air 2 to answer the phone on the street, and used it for WeChat voice in the office and other places. The overall call performance is worthy of recognition. After all, in the many calls, the other party did not say My voice is too small or I can’t hear clearly (I speak moderately).

For wearing, the Air 2 features a semi-in-ear design with a single-sided earphone weight of 4.5g. The first time I wear it gives me the first feeling, I will say: “Not practical”, because the semi-in-ear design is not completely in the ear canal compared to the in-ear headphones, so it is better to be in-ear headphones than to be natural. .

In terms of wearing comfort, the performance of Air 2 is considered to be excellent. The long-term wearing does not make me feel heavy, and the earphone handle is made of a matte-like skin-friendly material, so the part that fits the outer periphery of the ear is also More comfortable. As for the stability, half-ear headphones, I can only say that daily use can be, but if you want to run or other intense sports, I think it is still inappropriate.

As for the size of the earphones, if it is worn by a girl, I feel a little too big, and the size of the boy is just right when worn.

About connection stability and delay: games, videos are OK

True wireless headphones, many people are concerned about connection and delay issues. In my experience during this time, Air 2 can still maintain a stable connection whether it is used by public transportation at work or in a shopping mall with crowds. After using it, there is no such thing as stuck, disconnected, and intermittent sound. Stable phenomenon, the overall calculation is OK.

As for the delay, during this time I used Air 2 to play a few discs of “Glory of the King”, I have seen a lot of videos from the B station, I have heard a lot of QQ, Netease cloud music, and I think it is in the millisecond level. Normal use does not feel that it has a delay, that is to say, Air 2 can meet your daily listening to songs, games, video needs, there will be no picture and sound is not synchronized. This aspect is worthy of recognition.

Contrast about competing products: intelligence or its “killer”

In addition to Air 2, I use headphones in this price segment as well as 1more Stylish and Meizu POP generation. So a comparison has been made since then.

The appearance is better, it is a matter of opinion, but in terms of volume, Air 2 is relatively small among the three.

On the battery life, I think the time for the three products is almost the same. Air 2 officially claims that the headset can be used for up to 4 hours in a single use. With the charging box, the overall battery life can be 14 hours, which is the mainstream level of true wireless headphones. The actual experience is not much different from the official one.

Charging, POP and Air all use Type-C charging, while POP also supports wireless charging (it seems to be the first true wireless headset products that support wireless charging?), while 1more still uses Micro USB interface, POP in this regard > Air 2 > 1more.

Wearing stability, I think 1more > POP > Air 2, after all, Air 2 is a semi-in-ear design, the other two are in-ear design, and even ear support, so in the wear stability, Air 2 is definitely not as good as the two .

In the interactive operation, 1more uses physical buttons, POP uses touch, and Air 2 is a tap handle. From the feedback, 1more physical operation will be the most direct, but from the intelligence level, Air 2 supports voice wakeup. So it will be the best of the three, and because of the addition of small love students, there will be more usability in the interaction.

As for the sound quality, I think this is a more subjective part, so I will not make a comparative evaluation here.

Summary: As an extension of Xiaomi’s mobile phone, I think Air 2 is suitable.

Through the ten-day deep experience of Air 2, the process uses the iPhone X and the backup machine Xiaomi Play to connect with it. In terms of experience, the connection with the Xiaomi mobile phone will be relatively friendly, and the vital voice wake-up function will perform better on the Xiaomi mobile phone (because on the iPhone X, if there is no small love student APP in the background, the call is small. After the love of students, the default will be Siri).

The price of $71.99, as a true wireless headset, while ensuring stable connection and low latency, can also wake up the small love classmates to control the home of the smart home equipment, query the weather, control music and so on. As a millet user, the Air 2 is an extension of the Xiaomi phone, which is quite worth buying.

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