1MORE Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The representative of domestic real wireless headphones, 1MORE fashion bean evaluation

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In the audio market, 1MORE has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Its products have been loved by different consumers from its design to sound quality. It has won many big awards in the industry. In foreign countries, the German Red Dot Award, iF Design Award, Japan VGP, the United States CES, etc. also won awards, can be described as domestic and foreign two flowers, the new fashion bean ·stylish true wireless headset, once listed, it has achieved good results, become the first wireless TV TWS headset sales, then this true wireless What about headphones?

The box still continues the style of 1MORE Headphones, and the German iF design award is also presented in a conspicuous red color. Uncover the lid, you can see the design sketch on the left and the real object on the right, fully expressing how the headset is from germination to final molding, full of the designer’s ingenuity.

In addition to the headset and charging box, the accessories are micro USB charging cable, three small and medium earmuffs, two external ear supports, storage bags, instructions, etc., are practical accessories.

1MORE fashion bean ·stylish true wireless headset charging box is strange, oval appearance like an egg, although it is plastic material, but the matte finish is quite texture, and light weight, portability.

The charging port micro USB, the battery capacity of the charging box is 410mAh, and it takes about 85 minutes to fill the entire charging box.

The battery capacity of the single-sided earphone is 55mAh, which supports fast charging. It can be used for 3 hours after charging for 15 minutes. The battery life is more than 6 hours when the battery is fully charged. With the battery box in full charge state, the whole battery life is about 24 hours. From day to night, all-day life is guaranteed.

1MORE fashion bean ·stylish true wireless earphones are also oval, like a bean, round and welcoming, matching the name of “fashion beans”, the front has a 1MORE logo, next to the indicator light, different The status will show a different color.

On the back there are outer ear brace and silicone earplug sleeve. The outer ear brace is marked with a large R and L to distinguish the left and right.

The outer ear support and the silicone earplug sleeve can be removed, and can be replaced according to the size of the ear canal and the auricle.

The 45° slant-in-ear design is securely worn, does not fall easily, and has a certain noise reduction effect. With a single-sided weight of only 6.2g, there is no burden for long-term wear.

The current true wireless headset has two kinds of control modes, one is touch type, the other is physical key, I prefer physical key, because it is convenient for blind control, and 1MORE fashion bean·stylish smart HOME key is physical key, convex The start-up design is easy to find with your fingers when wearing headphones.

1MORE Fashion Bean·stylish True Wireless Headphones feature a special titanium diaphragm diaphragm unit, tuned by four Grammy-winning sound engineers Luca Bignardi, support aptX and AAC, and optimized for Android and iOS devices. Therefore, there is an advantage in sound quality, and the actual sense of hearing is also true. The tri-band is more balanced, taking a neutral and gentle route, the low-frequency dive is deeper, there is a certain amount of sense, the transient response speed is fast, and the cohesion is strong. Low-frequency rendering is just right. In terms of the intermediate frequency, the human voice is warm and natural, and it is natural and sound-resistant. The layering and separation are properly grasped. It is still very good to listen to the popular. The high-frequency performance is quite satisfactory, there is no sensation, but it is not good.

Thanks to the high-performance Qualcomm chip Bluetooth 5.0 and custom LDS laser antenna, 1MORE fashion bean ·stylish true wireless headset transmission signal is very stable, and the delay is very low, whether it is audio or video, low latency brings smooth The feeling is refreshing. In addition, it supports single-ear mode, and it can be used on either side. The double-child mode is also very stable. After using it for a long time, there is no problem that the left and right ears are disconnected.

In the past two years, there have been more and more real wireless headsets in the market. In addition to the traditional headset manufacturers, many mobile phone manufacturers have entered this market. How to choose a good and easy to use real wireless headset has become a problem for many people. It seems that you can choose from four aspects: beautiful appearance, comfortable wearing, stable connection and excellent sound quality. The 1MORE fashion bean·stylish true wireless earphone fully meets these four requirements, and has strong endurance. With a good price, the price is quite good. If you are worried about how to choose a suitable real wireless headset, then 1MORE Fashion Bean·stylish true wireless headset will give you a good answer.

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