Lenovo HE05 BT Earphones BT5.0 Sports Sweatproof Headset

Lenovo HE05 neck-mounted Bluetooth headset

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The landlord is a garbage shovel, recently bought three headphones, a six hundred esports headset, a hundred red rice Bluetooth headset, a $3 Lenovo Bluetooth headset.

This is Lenovo’s Bluetooth headset, the price of the station starts at $4 , and if it arrives, it will be $1 . . .

However, the price has risen now. Before that, it was a $7 coupon. Now it is only $6, up $1.

What is a cloud comment? Even if I didn’t buy it, I opened my mouth and said that the landlord had encountered a saying that the Mijia printer was not good. It was not as good as the inkjet printer, but he didn’t even have a machine. The machine was never used. It doesn’t matter if you comment. But your comment on the cloud is your fault.

Because this bargain has Lenovo brand blessing, the landlord bought it to play.

This product also has freight insurance, I really don’t like it, I can retire, afraid of it, right?

First of all, the logistics is very slow. After the purchase, the delivery of “Tmall Guarantee” will be available the next day. The result is four days.

This “Tmall Guaranteed Delivery” is specially disgusting, because even if you complain about customer service, the customer service will tell you that you can use it casually, without paying it. I understand that it is a special consumer, it is good-looking, and nothing else.

Unless you write Tmall to ensure that the delivery to the household, enjoy the late payment, you can pay $3, but generally Tmall International has.

The packaging is still exquisite. As for everyone’s suspected OEM goods, it is indeed an OEM. Now everyone is branded. This is called “resource integration”. It sounds no problem and is worth the price – Lenovo HE05 neck-mounted Bluetooth headset, As long as the quality is passed, everyone has a meal, and the landlord does not care about this.

Probably Beijing Kangshuo got Lenovo’s brand authorization, and then commissioned the Guangdong factory to produce, this is not a fake, everyone rest assured, do not move to ask, is not genuine. . .

Listen to no problem, worth the price – Lenovo HE05 neck-mounted Bluetooth headset

This plastic is a bit inferior, but the price is here, not ruthless.

A charging cable (now not leading), a headset, a manual.

The manual focuses on the following, to see the inferior quality of small appliances is not inferior, the instructions are not necessarily good products, but the instructions are inferior, generally not good goods.

This manual is very big, I feel a hundred times stronger than the manual of Xiaomi headphones. . . Although it didn’t work, at least people are serious, haha.

Originally wanted to buy black, because the phone is black, black and durable, but this headset is to play, do not pay too much attention, so start with “Sao red”, red does have a strong sense of movement, the color is very positive, good-looking.

When the two earphones are magnetic and hung on the neck, they will be sucked together and the headphones will not fall off the neck.

Listen to no problem, worth the price – Lenovo HE05 neck-mounted Bluetooth headset

The earphone can directly adjust the volume, and some headphones can only be adjusted by the mobile phone. If it is running, it is very inconvenient.

One plus, one minus, one off.

When added to the maximum volume, there will be a beep, reduced to the lowest volume, and there will be a beep.

Long press on the boot, there is an English prompt tone, the shutdown is also, the small hole is the light, will flash prompt.

Listen to no problem, worth the price – Lenovo HE05 neck-mounted Bluetooth headset

The connection is very convenient, open the headset, and then the phone is connected to the Bluetooth, you can use it.

The power of the headset is displayed on the phone icon.

to sum up:

Listening to one afternoon plus one night, the sound quality is OK, really, I mean, combined with the price, this thing below 50 can be said.

Of course, you can’t compare it with Airpods, you can’t even take it with QCY and red rice. The market for Bluetooth headsets is now very detailed.

In this price of sports Bluetooth headset, this only needs $3, you say it is worth it?

Therefore, the landlord said that listening to the sound is completely no problem, maybe you don’t need it, but if a friend moves bricks on the construction site, is it inappropriate to wear it? Is it not painful to make up? Hahaha, make a joke.

Overall, it’s not as bad as the comments.

Disadvantages: There are indeed some shortcomings, there is a little noise on the sound quality, I feel it, I have been tired for a long time, so the landlord is just playing, usually it will not be used. If you go down, it will be OK, such as fitness.

why? Because of the usual, I think it is more convenient to “true wireless Bluetooth headset”

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