The Production Process of LED Shirt


We’re all familiar with the LED belt buckle and the Motorola/Burton jacket, but now we’re grabbing fashion by the threads and showing you how to make tech-inspired clothing. Next, I’ll show you the production process of LED shirt in 8 easy steps.

Before the begin, we need conductive thread (the same material used to make fencing vests), a sewing machine, a hand sewing needle, pliers, scissors, LEDs, 1,000 ohm resistors, alligator clips, and 9-volt batteries.

1. Start by cutting the end wires (or leads) of the resistor down to a shorter length.

2.Bend the leads in a round shape. we’ll notice that one LED has a longer lead. This is the + side of the LED that electricity flows into. The shorter lead of the LED is the ground side. Like the resistor, cut the leads and bend them into loops. Make the longer lead + a larger loop. Bend the loops so that the LED can sit flat on the fabric.

3.Mark where the components will go on the fabric. Make sure that the resistor is placed by the side of the LED that has a larger loop.

4.Thread the sewing machine. If the thread is too thick to pass through the needle, we should use a larger needle.

5.Sew lines and leave gaps where the resistor and LED to be. Be sure to back stitch the ends where we want to add the components (to back stitch, just push the reverse button on the sewing machine and the machine sews backwards). Back stitching keeps the end of thread from coming undone and ensures that there is more surface area for the components to make contact with. Using a hand sewing needle start from the back.

6.Hand stitch the loop of one lead to the edge of a sewn line.

7.Hand sew the resistor and LED into the circuit. Using a hand sewing needle start from the back of the fabric (so as to avoid loose threads in the front). Hand stitch the loop of one lead to the edge of a sewn line. Be sure that the hand stitched part overlaps with the sewn line.

8.Once all of the components are sewn on, add a power supply. Attach one end of an alligator clip to the + side of the battery and the other end to the resistor side of the sewn line (refer to red clip in photo). Using the second alligator clip attach one end to the side of the battery and the other end to the LED side of the sewn line (refer to green clip in photo). The LED should light up. Now throw on the shirt and hit the town.

After the simple eight steps, a cool LED T-shirt placed in front of you. Put it on! You will be the focus of the party.

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