The correct selection of guitar accessories


Large as a piano box, small as a paddles, guitar and bass in addition to the proper use of other than the proper use of Guitar accessories, in today’s music is still the word of hands in different groups. In fact, by year of practice and careful observation, understanding, analysis can be a scientific and correct answers, see here, some friends would ask: is the piano parts are not it? Are so important so pay attention to it? Here we are for the market common the first two sizes and three styles of electric guitar strings guitar stand for the detailed description of the use of occasions, I believe we will read the content carefully to treat your family guitar.

Common in the professional piano electric guitar strings inside there are two specifications, one is we often say “009”, one is “010.” Correct to say that the standard “009” to “042” electric guitar strings and a standard set of “010” to “046” sets of electric guitar strings. “009” and “010” refers to a string of two strings in thickness, “042” and “046” refers to both the thickness of the strings in the six-string.

“I want a heavier sound of piano, strings to help me find a rough,” musicians like to buy a piano that the strings are common. But if you do not pull the strings in the right to select the strings, whether it is the guitar sound, or feel and neck, varying degrees of life are greatly reduced.

“009” to “042” standard Electric guitar accessories tension from the recording and scientific point of view, the most suitable for the neck length is 25.5 inches in a single row of the first piano chord on the guitar buttons, and adjust standard pronunciation. This guitar’s neck and string the length of the effective length of the prototype came from FENDER designing. For example: the standard piano-shaped JACKSON, ESP, INANEZ the RG series, and so, when the standard pronunciation of crude if the selected strings in this specification will cause sounds like a heavy sound, but the most high-frequency resonance of such fact, the guitar is the loss and not natural. If you need the overall reduction of such chromatic harp, then you should use “010” to “046” of the guitar strings, in accordance with the above approach, both from the point of view or from a mechanical point of sound, pure tone and the neck is not serious life shortening of the scientific method.

“010” to “046” standard electric guitar strings with piano have the following characteristics:

1, the neck length is 24.75 inches, the first piano chord buttons into a symmetrical shape, is divided into two rows, a row of three.

2, neck, tight tone is reinforced within the adjustable range, can be easily transferred into the back of the neck a lot of pre-state on the thick strings.

O3, piano and wood more sedate, there are some piano and thickness, is usually fixed bridge. A5k |! N; M t! o I3x

These features of the guitar is the most appropriate time in the standard pronunciation with “010” to “046” electric guitar strings. Instead, the guitar features fine if installed on the specifications of the strings, although the neck is basically the longest life expectancy, but does not match the low frequency resonance, the sound will sound too thin is too sharp, since it is more than 25.5 inch long neck has been shortened created, we will not have to worry about the neck will shorten the life of the problem. 24.75 inches of the neck as long as the adjustment range of steel bars inside the standard, then this guitar to install in the standard pronunciation of “010” to “046” string to have no problem.

Electric guitar stand

In general could be seen at the piano three Guitar tuner, bass stent, a small A-shaped, and it is no harm for the piano is a stent, introduced the last two brackets, we first about what the piano Why the small A-shaped bracket is not the most appropriate when the piano strings taut above to the desired pitch, the neck is not subject to force, and when the strings to the desired pitch, because it will pull the strings the direction of the neck toward the strings out of a certain curvature, the bend if too much, you should use a wrench to adjust the neck wound in the neck stretched relatively straight repatriation of standard state. If the annual support of the guitar is a small A-shaped rack, zither not touch the top of the neck part of the design, that is only touched the piano and zither, so that the neck will not appear on the base can not debug not cure the defects or abnormal bending deformation. Therefore, only a small A-shaped contact with the piano and the stent is placed at home using the best tools for piano.

There are two kinds of support do not say we all presumably know, a zither in the small A-shaped and extends a length based on the top by the neck of the zither. Another is that the piano can be placed several shelves, each of the piano is placed sideways, there are also some of the top by the neck.

U have lengthened peak of the staff by the neck of the zither on the proper use of occasion: a concert need to rotate a couple of guitars placed temporary spare piano. As a temporary use, so it will not cause any harm to the neck, and if the cameraman filming musicians playing, the camera is not easy to stumble on such a connection on the shelf guitar. Remember, only suitable for temporary display for a short time with piano.

Able to put the piano on the shelf several occasions, the correct use: This design is suitable for shelf in the studio more than a temporary place to the guitar. The advantage of saving space, easy to pick. But because there are so top of the site by the neck with the former as a shelf for a short time only temporary placed pianos.

All in all, the neck is not the force from behind, because the strings are tightened to force the neck forward, so there is no longer a force to pull the neck to bear double. Like a guitar or bass on the piano bag which should be leaning against the wall facing the same reason, the answer is positive only piano strings which is facing the wall, this can help offset part of the string neck give it tension.

The correct selection of Cheap guitar accessories, for normal maintenance can debug instrument has decisive relations. Readers want to work in the piano introduction to the customer should look for when fitting occasion to use, so as not to bring themselves and their customers Aegean avoidable harm.

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