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“China’s E-first Street,” the crown was officially Shenzhen Huaqiang North removal. Reporters yesterday morning from the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress held coordination meeting suggested that supervision was informed a few days ago of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Huaqiang North conducted a two-day review, the experts agreed that all aspects of Huaqiang North Commercial Street better than other domestic electronic , “does for the country first.” “China’s E-first Street,” the title of the official awarding the middle of this month. (china wholesale)

Tangjin Sen, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress attended the meeting.

Huaqiang North create four “country first”

Electronic information industry as the leading Huaqiang North Commercial Circle, is in China and Asia’s largest distribution center for electronic products new information. Huaqiang North created the first in the country four national counterparts: sales of the first, the first e-business area of the professional market, operating the first electronic product categories, the first commercial coverage. Its biggest advantage is that market is highly concentrated, operating full range, radiation and strong, well-informed fast, large-scale distributors and mature sales network, by the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology and Information Bureau of the construction of (Huaqiang North online: www. has a mature business professional market brand management and marketing, purchasing convenience, to solve a large number of SMEs in the procurement aspects of the difficulties of matching components, as domestic and foreign manufacturers of new technology and new product releases, important platform for the market . Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen in 2007 during China’s first specialized electronic market price index – “Huaqiang North • Chinese electronics market price index,” the successful launch, more laid Huaqiang North in the national electronic communications market leading position.

“China’s E-first Street,” to its name

March 2008, Futian District, Shenzhen began to “Huaqiang North First Street • China Electronics” to create work. After a year of hard work, in June 2008, Futian District, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce formally proposed the “China Electronics First Street,” the assessment of applications. September 5, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, North Huaqiang evaluation expert, “First Street of China Electronics,” the application for a two-day on-site review. (wholesale china)

Jury experts agree that, Huaqiang North in the operation scale, quality, management, innovation, brand effect and the government emphasis, etc., are better than the top ten well-known e-commerce and other neighborhoods in the district, indeed first in the country. “China’s E-first Street,” the title was officially awarding Huaqiang North.

Huaqiang North electronic index will be improved

It is understood that “Huaqiang North • China’s electronics market price index” has so far released 53 total, more than 320 collection points set up information on market transactions and contract businesses gradually reflected in the reference value. Currently, Futian District, Shenzhen City, and the government is applying for the Index as a national index of the Ministry of Information Industry, and the country, the global release. Price index will improve the collection methods, from collecting the tax invoice through business acquisition restructuring, broadening the scope of the collection to the South China Area of large-scale electronic professional market, improve the collection of surface and enhance the authenticity and practicality.

In addition, the “Shenzhen International Exhibition Center components,” in early September to be completed and put into trial operation, will become the sub-tenth the fair venue, this will be the fair in the history of the first at the venue.

The proposed internal ring bus

At yesterday’s meeting, the City People’s Congress Standing Committee on DU and equality Huaqiang North made to speed up the upgrading of supervision and other proposals. These recommendations were approved and the relevant departments of the municipal government a positive response: the bureau that has been drafted “on the Huaqiang North Area of the views of the land policy of urban renewal”, the city Bureau of Trade and Industry formulated the “Huaqiang North Area on the direction of industrial development Report “, City Personnel (Code Office) has agreed to Huaqiang North business district is classified as a street management, Municipal Public Security Bureau police station proposed to be specially added the Huaqiang. (china electronics)

Huaqiang North has plagued the development of the traffic and parking problems, Futian District, that has become “the bus, three-dimensional” line of thinking. First, the new pedestrian corridor on the ground floor systems, underground channels; Second, stop supporting the station building complete; third is planning the internal bus loop; Fourth, the recent plans to build SEG – Huaqiang on the ground floor corridor and the establishment of the electric parking the focus of the regional market to ease the traffic conflicts.(china free shipping)

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