Brief introduction about LED T-Shirt


Music LED T-shirt, is a clothing design can follow the music rhythm beat dB step size of the total, beating the same time, flickering light patterns, the best results at night!

Used to be the voice in the drive to install four AAA batteries for the led equalizer(normal 7 cells), open voice-driven switch (open: ON Off: OFF), and in accordance with the outside world music db size, manually rotate the voice drive the sensitivity adjustment knob to regulate the to the best flashing effect can be.

Demolition Mode:
1, first turn off the voice-driven switch (set to OFF);
2, confirmed closed, the drive will be connected to the voice on the cable disconnect;
3, the LED chip unplug the cable port;
4, finally remove the clothing on the luminescence.

Note: All music T-shirts are removable luminous film style, there are many products on the market of light-emitting chip can not be demolished, resulting in difficult to clean T shirt, can not properly washed, and prone to short-circuit light-emitting chip and product damage. (LED chip products are currently not directly washed material, please consumers choose carefully)

1, do not use music led shirts, set the voice drive the battery removed, so as not to cause voice quality due to the battery drive damage;
2, luminous film and music T shirt Do not place the drive in wet places, and to prevent direct contact with water to prevent short circuit caused by the product and shorten the life span;
3, luminous film music T shirt Do not bend or fold, in order to avoid light-emitting chip discount;


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