Cheap and effective way to deter criminals


Wanna a cheap and effective way to protect your homes, shops or business? Dummy camera can achieve your desires, this is Simulated security camera which is produced by copying the real camera, through the naked eye to watch this fake camera, it’s looked like the real Foscam IP camera. Because its shape, model and the way of work are all same as the real security camera, can deter criminals effectively. This dummy wireless camera are mainly produced in ShenZhen, China.

If we install one or more security camera in supermarkets, hotels, car parks, libraries, offices, warehouses factories, markets, parks venues, residential areas around, or some prominent position which must pass through intersections, it must be cost a lot of money, but if combining with Dummy security camera, it’s still very effective to intimidate and deter thieves or criminals, and make they can not to close, most important it can greatly reduce the cost!

Dummy hemispherical security camera

Hemispherical Dummy security camera is a fake LED Surveillance wireless IP webcam, Hemispherical Dummy camera is made of quality plastic materials, With a red flashing LED light, can be seen at night. Black hemispherical design, the bottom of this camera is made by black rubber. Even though this is a fake security camera, but it has complete product specifications.

Gun-shaped Fake Security Camera

Gun-shaped Fake camera has a automatic sensor, this is a intelligent simulation camouflage camera, has a real wireless IP camera appearance, so it can get good effect to deter cheating. And it’s built-in automatic moving object sensor, can detect moving objects or the human body. It also has a warning function, when somebody close it, then the red light blinking.

Install Wireless Fake Dummy LED Surveillance Security Camera is a new way to deter criminals in 2011. It is said that this way is very cheap and effective, if you are considering to purchase monitors or cameras for protecting your home, you can try to buy some dummy security cameras. Little cost but very effective. There are lots of Dummy security camera on sale at China wholesale center, for $8.50$11.74, you can get the most useful monitor, hurry and order it now!

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