The Growing Importance of Video Marketing

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Over the years, the world of marketing has evolved, and outbound marketing has made way for inbound marketing. Video has established itself as an integral part of the marketing strategies of brands and they are now looking for ways to leverage video as an effective communication medium. In such a situation, it is understandable if you are looking for ways to make your own intro video and catch the attention of our target group.

Considering that over 500 hours of video content are uploaded on YouTube every day, brands need to create videos that stand out. In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about video marketing and its growing importance and delve into the details of how you can leverage video for your business expansion expectations.

Understanding Video Marketing

In layman’s terms, we can define video marketing as the process of producing a video that promotes a brand and then showcasing it to the target group. The production of the video would involve planning a script, filming it, and then editing it to perfection. Each step of the video production funnel requires you to spend time ensuring that it is crafted to perfection.

For example, these days, anyone with a smartphone can record and edit a video. There are innumerable such videos that are created every day. To ensure that you stand out from the crowd, we recommend that you use a professional camera such as the 4K Pocket Handheld Camera Stabilizer Multifunctional Mini Camcorder to record your clip. For your editing needs, try to use a professional-quality editing tool like InVideo. Such proactive measures will allow you to come up with video content that fits into your content channel.

Growing Importance of Video Marketing

Video is one of the most versatile marketing mediums and helps convey the brand message more effectively. Easy mobile access coupled with a growing internet penetration has led a lot many people to prefer viewing online video content over any other form of content. As a result, brands are presented with a unique opportunity to reinforce video at every point of the marketing funnel and build trust with their target segment. To understand the growing importance of the video medium, here is a look at the reasons for this growth.

Video Has Better Retention

Video is a compact medium that caters to the user’s audio and visual senses at the same time. That way, the viewer is likely to be engrossed, and there are lesser chances of mid-way drop-off.

Psychologists have established that the retention capabilities of video content are much higher than that of text or images. Thus, if you are looking to build a brand image and establish brand familiarity among the members of your target segment, video is the best way for you to get your market audience.

Video is More Engaging

Video content speaks of your brand and helps people associate a face to it. By having your subjects look straight to the camera while talking in the promotional video, you evoke the emotional sentiments of your viewers. Use of the Andoer AC3 4K UHD 24MP Digital Video Camera Camcorder to record such shots ensures that the emotions are conveyed effectively.

By appealing to the emotional sentiments of your audience, you encourage them to revert to you by liking and commenting on your post. The algorithms of several video sharing platforms are designed in such a way that videos with higher engagement appear in the feeds of more people. Thus, by ensuring a higher engagement, you increase your brand reach.

Video Gives You Better Visibility

The algorithms of the top search engines are such that web pages with video are ranked higher. If you can have a video on the landing page of a website, you can expect an 80% increase in the conversion rate.

Depending on the platform where you intend to post the video, you can use hashtags, captions, keywords in the title, and description to increase your digital visibility. Another important reason for the growth of video marketing is the fact that adding a video link in the email broadcast messages gives a boost to the conversion rates. Simply having the word video in the email subject increases the chances of the email being read.

Video Makes the User Feel Important

In recent days, brands have started exploring the potential of video in helping their viewers feel important. For example, many brands have resorted to creating video testimonials. When such brands approach a satisfied customer requesting them to talk about their experience with the brand, it makes the customer feel valued. Such review videos also go a long way in winning the credibility of potential customers.

Another example to illustrate the role of video in establishing user importance is that of set-up videos that help customers install and use a product that they purchased from you. Such videos simplify the lives of your customers and help establish the fact that you value their time. This lays the foundations of a healthy business relationship that is built on mutual trust.

Video Spreads Easily

When a viewer enjoys your video content, they are more likely to share the video and spread the word among their peers. A potential customer is more likely to listen to a friend or relative sharing content than of a brand advocating itself. If you can come up with high-quality content and share it across your multiple social media handles, the word will spread like wildfire and you will soon have millions of people tuning in to watch your video.

Video Gives Good ROI

In the initial stages, you may feel that creating video content requires more effort than other forms of digital marketing. However, you need to realize that more than 2 billion people log in to YouTube every month, making it the most receptive communication medium. We understand that creating professional-quality video content requires you to learn editing skills and procure the necessary tools.

This would include professional cameras such as the Insta360 ONE X2 FlowState Stabilization Panoramic Action Camera as well as supportive instruments like the Commlite CM-EF-EOSR VCPL Auto Focus Camera Lens Adapter Ring and FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket 3-Axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer. However, you need to realize that all such purchases are one-time investments. The returns on video marketing are unparalleled and significantly higher than that of any other form of marketing.

Video Leaves Room for Experimentation

The average customer has the attention span of a goldfish, and unless you come up with something creative, they are likely to lose interest in your brand. Video content is constantly evolving, and these days interactive video content is gaining popularity.

Live videos and shoppable videos are some other video concepts of the recent past that have gained popularity. In such a situation, a brand that leverages the power of video can give fresh content to its target group and maintain its market dominance.

The diversity of video content is the driving force behind its growing popularity. In the coming years, we expect that digital penetration will continue, and more people will have access to online video content. In this situation, the growth story of video marketing will continue to shoot to newer heights of glory.

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