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With the development of science and technology, people’s daily use of household items has begun to be intelligent, ranging from household appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators to small-scale living tools such as plug-in and desk lamps, which have gradually joined the ranks of the Internet. In addition to enjoying the convenience brought by technology, people can also feel the charm of technology.

In the current social environment, many people are busy with their daily work, which often neglects the safety at home. Therefore, it is very necessary to install a smart camera that can be operated remotely, especially if there are elderly children or pets at home. In this way, you can understand the situation at home anytime and anywhere, and the actions of the elderly and children are in the eye.

It is very important to choose the brand and function when purchasing a smart camera. Just like this IMILAB smart camera, it belongs to the Xiaomi ecological chain, so it is guaranteed in quality and after-sales; in addition, 1080P high-definition image quality, 360° viewing angle, mobile Practical functions such as detection and two-way voice can meet the different needs of users, and it is necessary to enjoy all aspects of intelligence.

This experience is the IMILAB smart camera 1080P PTZ version, which is particularly pleasing in terms of shape design. The overall look is very similar to our common dolls. Ping fashion can be regarded as a small decoration at home. . Of course, we can’t underestimate this small object, and integrate the camera, speaker playback area, power plug and so on on its body.

The most basic and most important function of the camera is the picture quality. The IMILAB smart camera 1080P high-definition picture quality makes the picture details clearer and the picture quality is more delicate and realistic. Thanks to the distortion correction technology, the 1080P HD picture quality can be accurately and real-time. Transfer to your phone. In addition to ultra-clear image quality, it also has a 360° pan-tilt view, and a large wide-angle lens lets you see where to look.

For families with children at home, the night vision function of the smart camera is the most important, because the children sleep in a room at night, the parents will be somewhat uneasy, so for them, the actual performance of the night vision function is more important. which performed. IMILAB smart camera has built-in 8 940nm red-free fill light and high-speed silent motor, so it gives users a better night vision experience, giving children 24 hours of uninterrupted silent care.

In terms of safety performance, IMILAB smart camera is also excellent. It has built-in motion detection function, which can play the role of anti-theft alarm. If it encounters illegal intrusion during daily use, it will automatically record up to 10 times. The second alarm video is pushed to the user’s mobile phone, making it truly documented. In addition, local security encryption, random password, HTTPS authentication, timed sleep and other functions provide a better guarantee for security.

Because it is a product belonging to the Xiaomi ecological chain, the supporting software of IMILAB smart camera is Mijia APP. Users can download and install in the major mobile phone application market. It supports Xiaomi account one-click login, and monitors everything in the home anytime, anywhere. dynamic.

If more than one family member wants to monitor the dynamics in the home in real time, then simply install the Mijia APP on each person’s mobile phone or tablet. Multi-devices can simultaneously monitor and monitor, truly achieve zero-distance care, and always at home. “Band” is around.

In terms of installation, IMILAB smart camera PTZ version is fast-loading type. It can be used with vertical mounting, wall mounting and ceiling mounting in various installations. Users can customize according to their own layout and usage scenarios. Choose the most suitable installation method.

IMILAB smart camera 1080P PTZ version, to the intelligent equipment of the self-made technology, with the trustworthy quality, the price of the people and the good user experience have an absolute competitive advantage in similar products, if you have elderly children in your home, Then you may wish to start a piece of equipment to give your family more intimate care.

Overall, IMILAB1080P’s price/performance ratio is still very high, smooth and stable Mijia APP experience, 360° full viewing angle, 1080P resolution, infrared night vision, silent motor, motion detection, alarm push, inverted installation and other comprehensive functions. It cost $33.99 when I bought it.

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