Wireless Video Doorbell Review

Smart Device & Safety

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, more and more anti-theft products are used by people. The wireless video doorbell is an excellent anti-theft product. Install it outside the door. The user is indoors,by watching the mobile phone screen, keep abreast of visitors and other situations outside the door. For the safety of themselves and their families, many families basically install wireless video doorbells to distinguish visitors. For many female friends who live alone in rented houses, it is really necessary to install a wireless video doorbell. Compared with ordinary doorbells, wireless video doorbells have higher anti-theft performance, and they can better protect our safety.

Wireless video doorbells basically have the following characteristics:

Has a face recognition algorithm to quickly identify the identity of visitors.

Infrared night vision system can realize long-distance night vision detection.

Real-time monitoring, the use of image sensors, high-resolution security cameras have clearer imaging, which is clearly visible day and night, allowing users to detect potential safety hazards in advance.

Video call function, when a guest visits, the remote video call system automatically connects to the mobile phone, and the remote video call is turned on. The voice of the call is clear, so that the user will not miss an important visit.

Remote unlocking function, family members go home too late or the weather outside is too cold or they are not at home, family members forgot to take the key, only need to operate on the mobile phone app, then the lock will be automatically unlocked.

Photo archive function, as long as someone taps the doorbell, the wireless video doorbell will automatically take a photo and store it. After the owner returns, he can freely check the photos of visitors.

Intelligent alarm function, if someone destroys at the door, indoor and outdoor machines will sound an alarm.

Large wide-angle lens, ultra-clear IPS display, bright colors, clear pictures, larger viewing angles, and more accurate, presenting real scenes.

The special shell is sturdy and durable, sun-proof, wind-proof, rain-proof and deformation-proof.

The built-in white light compensation lamp automatically senses the ambient brightness, and the imaging picture is better.

Built-in power adapter, convenient charging, and low energy consumption. Automatic power-saving sleep protection, external wake-up work.

The ultimate goal of technological development is to provide people with better services. The wireless video doorbell is a product developed specifically for our daily needs. When we buy a wireless video doorbell, we must check whether the camera image of the product is clear, whether the video call function is intact, the quality of the product, etc., the color selection, you can choose the color that matches the home decoration style. We recommend choosing branded products, the quality is guaranteed.

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