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Feiyu Tech G6 Sports Camera Stabilizer Reviews

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Feiyu’s outer packaging is relatively simple, and it gives birth to a high-end atmosphere. The box with the stabilizer is bigger, and the gift is also noodle.

The whole box is only one Chinese “product does not contain a camera”, which fully reflects the desire of Feiyu to go international.

This time the FeiyuTech G6 changed to the design of the removable box.

There is only one black storage bag with a size of 16*35cm in the box.

The black storage bag made of foam material has a sense of texture from a distance. I don’t know why it is a bit oily, and the taste is as pungent as the cotton storage bag of the previous generation G5.

Then come to the details, the zipper is printed with Feiyu’s logo. If you look closely at this bag, it still has X-squares, as long as you don’t touch it.

The production of the stabilizer storage bag is much more conscience than the previous generation G5. Not only is the sponge protected around the stabilizer, but also a thick layer of shock-proof sponge on the top of the storage box. The thick sponges give gopro and G6 good protection. This generation of storage bags is much larger than the G5 storage bag, which means that the user can finally put the gopro together with the stabilizer into the storage box without having to disassemble it. Go out to shoot, the bag is OK. However, if you can put a few more layers on the storage bag, it is more convenient to put the accessories.

The head of the storage box uses a Velcro to fix the stabilizer, and the tail is a fixed design, which has a good stability when considering quick loading.

After getting the hand (left G6 right G5), it is obvious that the G6 is fatter than the previous generation G5, but the weight has not increased significantly. The starting weight is similar to the G5. The grip is significantly thicker than the previous generation, and the grip is significantly improved. The metal body is still extended, and the grip continues to be sprayed with a non-slip material.

The fixing method is still fixed for thousands of years. Although it will be tightened after tightening, it is troublesome to disassemble. Especially this generation of G6, I do not know whether it is a new machine, sometimes when you remove the screw, you will encounter a blockage. You must remove it with one hand and a screw. The landlord believes that this is the part of Feiyu’s next-generation products that can be prioritized for optimization.

This time the G6 added an OLED screen to the body. Although this screen is small, it is very practical. First of all, it can easily monitor the remaining power of the stabilizer. For the landlord, this solves a big problem. When using G5, it always can’t grasp the power. Every time you use it, you have to be careful and fully charged. You can feel the power situation through this small screen.

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