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Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi 9 and some real feelings


Xiaomi 9 this phone has recently been rated as the most popular mobile phone, so it is enough to see the praise of this phone. But if it is from the user’s point of view, is this really the case? As the first users of Xiaomi 9 just launched, we have used Xiaomi 9 for 6 months to talk about the advantages and disadvantages and some real feelings.

For the use of Xiaomi 9 for a period of time, I feel that this phone is best done in terms of design is very thin, obviously better than most of the Android flagship, especially compared to some mobile phones with lift camera, the feel of Xiaomi 9 better. In addition, the screen quality of Xiaomi 9 should be the best one in recent years, although the water drop screen is not perfect.

As for the Xiaomi 9 battery that everyone spit out is too small, I think it is actually quite good, because the power consumption is not as fast as imagined, the battery of 3300mAh is not big enough, but the ordinary use is okay. In charging, the fast charging speed of 27W is also faster. The 20W wireless fast charge will be more comfortable to use at night, but for many people, after losing the freshness, it will not be used.

In terms of performance, Xiaomi 9 is very well-positioned for the Snapdragon 855 processor. If you play the game, you can basically open the high frame rate mode directly, and the adaptation of the MIUI system will make the smartphone very smooth. The author personally believes that according to the level of Xiaomi 9, the actual use of this phone for two or three years has no major problems.

The camera of Xiaomi 9 is equipped with three photos. It should be said that it is one of the best Xiaomi phones currently photographed. However, there is still a gap between Xiaomi 9 and Huawei P30Pro. At the same time, the author thinks that Xiaomi’s front camera still has room for improvement. For female users, the front camera of Xiaomi 9 is still not satisfactory.

The current price of Xiaomi 9 has dropped to 399.99 US dollars. Compared with the price of 60 US dollars before the release, the price cut in half a year is relatively rare for Xiaomi, because the price of Xiaomi mobile phone has been relatively low. I have to feel that the competition in the mobile phone industry is too fierce.

Have you used Xiaomi 9 this phone? Welcome to talk about your experience, let’s discuss it together.

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