Honor’s new budget 7C and 7A mobile phones love your face


Honor loves your face and hopes that you can use it in every opportunity, which is why it introduces face unlocking in its two new affordable smartphones (Honor 7C and Honor 7A). If you are confused about the name, don’t worry, we are too. Honor seems to be missioned to mark the growing range of devices with all available numbers and letters. What you need to know is that Honor 7C and 7A have replaced Honor 6C and Honor 6A since 2017, updating the device with new designs and a few new features.

However, it is the face unlock that makes the couple really stand out, especially at the price. The higher specification Honor 7C is £170/$243, while the Honor 7A is £150/$213. We have the opportunity to try face unlocking on both devices before launch. Since the Honor phone uses Huawei’s EMUI user interface on Android 8.0, the setup process is familiar and can be registered in less than a minute. The Honor 7C takes less than a second to unlock the screen, which is fast due to the medium processing power.

The Honor 7C and Honor 7A have slightly different unlocking times when using the face. It is also significantly slower than the 0.5 second that the Huawei P20 Pro takes; but only when compared side by side. It’s fast enough for the convenience features of everyday use, and that’s what we really like. No, it’s not as secure as fingerprints, so it’s not suitable for use with payment applications. But the advantage is that both 7A and 7C have fingerprint sensors. Both are the best.

Honor 7C and Honor 7A features

These phones have a similar family style to other recent Honor phones such as Honor View 10, Honor 9 Lite and Honor 7X. The difference lies in the specifications. The Honor 7C features a dual lens camera (13 megapixel and 2 megapixel settings), a 6-inch screen with a small bezel and 1440 x 720 pixel resolution, a 3,000 mAh battery and a Snapdragon 450 processor. The close connection between Honor and Huawei usually means that it uses the HiSilicon Kirin chip, but like the Honor 6A and other previous phones, the Honor has returned to Qualcomm’s 7C and 7A power supplies.

The Honor 7A does not have a dual-lens rear camera and can use a 13 megapixel lens. Although it is located in a large camera, it should contain two lenses from a distance. Both phones are sleek and comfortable, with a metal end plate to secure the metal body and a 2.5D curved glass on top of the screen. Considering the low cost, their look and feel will be amazing. Other features include a hybrid SIM card tray that holds two SIM cards and one MicroSD card, and the Bluetooth system can be connected to two devices at a time.

We didn’t spend too much time on these two phones, so we couldn’t comment on their performance or the quality of the two cameras. When you bring both phones to the outside, on a cloudy day, the screen looks good, you can still see it when the brightness is turned up, and you don’t notice any obvious when you slide on Android and try to use the camera. The problem. Honor has recently produced some great mobile phones at very competitive prices, and at first glance these two phones continue to maintain this trend.

Honor 7C and Honor 7A will be available in the UK on April 16th through Honor’s own online store. They are unlikely to be issued in the United States.

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