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I have forgotten when the air quality has become a hot topic, and the mask has become a hot topic. The air purifier has also become a must-have item from a fresh stuff. And naturally, this is the millet that has always been known for its price/performance ratio.

Since the introduction of the first millet air purifier at the end of 2014, in addition to the continuous introduction of the Pro and MAX series of expansion products, the entry-level products have also been updated to the fourth generation, which is not just a new home, I also quickly felt this Just released the Mijia Air Purifier 3.

Mijia Air Purifier 3 is the overall minimalist design style that still lasts 2S. It can’t feel the change from the front. But there are no wheels and buckles. Although only one A4 paper is not heavy, it is not convenient enough to move.

In order to improve the purification ability, the wind path of the Mijia Air Purifier 3 has been redesigned. The biggest change in appearance is that the physical switch/mode switch button is cancelled at the top of the fuselage, and the whole face is replaced by the style grille. The data output area increased by 20%. In addition, it is replaced by a backward tilting centrifugal fan + a new custom DC brushless motor to improve the air supply efficiency. The inner wall of the pressurized air duct also adopts a polished surface to reduce the wind resistance dissipation.

Therefore, the entire operation of the Mijia Air Purifier 3 is integrated on the front OLED screen. The color of the LED light ring can also be used to understand the current environment PM2.5: ≤75μg/m3 is green, ≥75μg/m3, ≤150μg It becomes orange when /m3, and once it exceeds 150μg/m3, the light ring turns red, which is very intuitive. In addition, on the basis of the original automatic, sleep, and favorite files, the Mijia Air Purifier 3 has three gears of low speed, medium speed and high speed, which are convenient for manual adjustment.

The purifier’s filter element can be replaced by opening the buckle on the back of the machine. The life of the filter element can be seen on the mobile app, which will also be displayed on the boot screen. Above the filter cartridge is a high-precision laser particle sensor for the air purifier. It is a credit for providing accurate PM2.5 values ​​in real time and automatically adjusting the operating gear.

As the successor of 2S, the biggest upgrade of Mijia Air Purifier 3 is to improve the air purification efficiency. With the size of the fuselage unchanged, by redesigning the wind path, the CADR value of the particulate matter is increased from 310m3/h of 2S to 400m3/h, the applicable area is also increased from 21-37m2 to 28-48m2. Taking the 48m2 house with a height of 2.4m as an example, the air in the whole room can be recycled in only 17 minutes. For the small apartment, the whole house is used. pressure.

As a product of Xiaomi Ecology, it is natural to access the Mijia App. It can know the air quality of the Home & Garden at any time on the mobile phone. It can also remotely control, time switch, and refine the operating speed of the air purifier in the favorite file. .

To say that these are just the first-level skills of smart products, the intelligent scene setting of Mijia Air Purifier 3 really makes me feel very practical. Simply put, I can tell under what circumstances the smart device including the empty net is automatically What to do.

For example, for me who live in a newly renovated house, I usually drive to the high-speed file to clean it up, but I still want to be disturbed when I sleep at night. At this time, I can set it to automatically enter the sleep mode and turn off the display. Screen; for example, you can set the air to be automatically turned on when the outside air is not good…

By combining themselves, you can set up multiple personalized programs. If you have multiple millet devices in your home, you can also use your own combination to set up multiple personalized programs. If you have multiple millet devices at home, you can also link them.

After doing these settings, I forgot the existence of the purifier several times. I have to boast that it is really quiet in sleep mode. The official data sleep mode noise is 32.1dB, and the cockroaches outside the window are stronger than its presence. too much. This may be the most comfortable feeling that smart devices bring to users. Of course, the Mijia Air Purifier 3 also supports voice control through the Xiaomi smart speaker, but I still feel a little awkward about talking to the machine. This is a matter of opinion.

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