Huawei Honor 9i in Huawei mobile phone industry


In today’s technology-developed world, the mobile phone industry has taken a dominant position in the market in order to strengthen the technology development trend. Therefore, various mobile phone industries continue to publish new mobile phones to attract buyers, and these newly published new phones have their own unique features that attract these buyers to buy. These newly-published new phones are better than some other high-end mobile phones in some aspects. How can these characteristics be used to impress buyers? Among them, the mobile phone industry represented by the Huawei mobile phone industry in our country has done the most prominent job in publishing new machines to attract buyers. Then I will introduce a new type of mobile phone industry published by Huawei. Mobile phone.

In June this year, Huawei ’s mobile phones are designed to better occupy a dominant position in the market and to attract more buyers to purchase. The Huawei mobile phone industry decided to release a Honor series in the Huawei mobile phone industry in June. A new phone. This mobile phone is called by many netizens in the mobile phone market as the king of thousands of devices-Huawei Honor 9i. Next, I will first introduce the design features of the Huawei Honor 9i phone. The screen size setter of this phone has configured a 5.84-inch screen size for him. The screen size of this phone has been greatly improved. The user feels during use. Because this phone’s setting size is the best screen size choice whether it is used in gaming experience or watching TV experience. And in order to make the purchaser have a better experience in the process of various uses, this time the screen resolution is configured to be high-definition on the screen resolution. The reason why the screen used by him is high-definition is Because its pixels are up to 2280×1080 pixels. The type of screen used by Shuangshen is also a more popular screen setting type in the mobile phone industry-Liu Haiping, and it is not a general Liu Haiping but a Liu Haiping full screen in Liu Haiping.

The configuration of Huawei Honor 9i’s various hardware is also a relatively high-end configuration. The number of cores used is in order to track the most popular one in the world. He also uses this popular eight-core number. And the number of cores he uses is not the number of ordinary eight-core cores, but 2.36GHz large quad-core 1.7GHz small quad-core at the CPU frequency. Although the processor used by Huawei Honor 9i is not the highest-end one in Huawei mobile phone industry The processor, but the processor it uses is the Kirin 659 processor. This processor can still be compared with the Kirin 980 processor in the Huawei mobile phone industry in some performance.

In order to make the shooting function compatible with the screen function, the pixels of the camera used in the shooting function are all high-definition pixels. In the configuration of the rear camera, the setter has configured a double-sided camera for him, and in the pixels of the rear camera, the setter has 13 million pixels + 2 million pixels of high-definition pixels. Although the pixels on the front camera are not as high as the pixels of the rear camera, they are also equipped with 16 million high-definition pixels. In order to make this phone more prominent in the camera function, set a four-time light effect for him, and to coordinate the light effect of this incident, a large aperture was also configured for this phone. It can be seen from the pixels of the camera or some performance of the camera that this phone is also powerful in terms of camera functions.

But in terms of its running memory, the setter’s settings are more common, because the running memory is set with a standard 4G standard running memory. Although it is not as good as some high-end brands, it is still very easy to use in life. In terms of storage memory, it is obviously more prominent than that of running memory. In addition, in terms of storage memory, it means that he is equipped with two types of storage memory, one is a more general 64G storage memory, and the other is a mobile phone The more high-end storage memory in the market is 128GB storage memory. Set in two configurations, to allow buyers to better choose the different occasions for work. What do you think of the performance of this phone?

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