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Magic Banquet Sabbat E12 Bluetooth Headset Unpacking

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The outer box is a white background with a simple black design. The word “POWER MUSIC” on the front of the box is not the one I took. It is the design of the Pop Art, which reflects the fashion dynamics of the mobile phone.

Open the box to see the inside of the headset body, the charging storage box, the manual and 6 pairs of soft plastic earplugs of different specifications.

The design style of the manual is also very simple and technical. This headset has a total of 6 colors of Martha Red, Ice Platinum Silver, Electro-optic Violet, Rock Coffee, Ash Green and Gold and Copper. I personally think that these 6 colors are very nice and eye-catching, and there is no tackiness and fashion. You can choose the color that suits you according to your own personality style, just like my unspoken person chooses the flamboyant Martha Red.

Put the headphones and accessories one by one to come to a family portrait. The kit also comes with a charging cable for the headphone charging storage box and a delicate bag. The overall use of black and red super metal texture plating process, the touch is very delicate, not a cold feeling.

The design of the headphone charging box is small and exquisite, the length is less than 6 cm, the width and height are about 3 cm, and the whole is almost only the size of the matchbox, also known as the “mini magnetic charging compartment”. The charging compartment adopts magnetic charging, and the battery capacity is up to 750mA. It is considered to have a large capacity and long-lasting capacity in the same category. When charging, just put the earphone into the charging compartment to automatically charge, storage and charging are correct.

The headset has a battery capacity of 60 mA. The theoretical continuous call and playback time can be up to 6 hours, and the full charge takes only 1 hour. Usually we will continue to listen for up to 2-3 hours, which is fully capable of coping with daily use.

It is understood that the chip of this headset uses a 10mm dynamic ring speaker of bio-fiber paper film, invites the senior tuner who has served as the big-name headphones such as Sennheiser, Sony, Apple, etc. to personally test the tuning, so that the headphones are low, medium and high. Frequency output equalization. The headset chip that comes with it supports Japanese Hi-Res Audio certification. In layman’s terms, the quality of the high-resolution audio output from this headset chip meets the high-quality audio product design standards established by the Japan Audio Association (JAS) and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). It can fully express the ultimate quality of music and the original sound.

This Bluetooth headset uses the Bluetooth 5.0 chip. This new standard released in London is being used by all the world’s advanced Bluetooth devices. Its maximum speed is 24Mbps, which is twice the previous 4.2 version. The effective transmission distance is It is 4 times the 4.2 version, and theoretically it can reach an effective working distance of up to 300 meters between Bluetooth transmitting and receiving devices.

The earphones are small and chic in the hand, and they can reflect the dazzling luster under natural light, which looks like a ruby. The Sabbat E12 Bluetooth Headset uses smart chip 4 microphone noise reduction technology to effectively reduce wind noise and keep the call clear through the talk between the left and right earphones and the noise-reducing silicon. It comes with a 10mm high-end speaker that also filters out background noise and delivers clear vocals.

Two more close-up hand-held details, the small headphones are rich in high technology. The back is an ergonomic cavity design that fits into the ear and fits the auricle. Not only does wearing the earphone for a long time, it does not cause pain, but also avoids the stethoscope effect. At the same time, the auricle is also added to the abutment to increase the firmness. Dropped. This is another surprise when I saw my colleague’s earphones. It has excellent performance in terms of wearing comfort in addition to high-quality audio output.

The headset comes with a one-button voice access function, which can access Siri, GoogleNowTM, etc. through voice commands in daily life, sports, driving, etc., and it is easy and flexible to enjoy the convenient feeling brought by new technology.


This headset is very eye-catching in the current headphones below 1,000 yuan, through the innovative chip technology and Bluetooth technology to effectively ensure the audio output quality, but also to ensure the sound quality of the call, in the 500 yuan file Bluetooth headset horizontal contrast is even more By.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset, then you are recommended to buy this magic feast Sabbat E12; if you are a bluetooth headset, you are also recommended to try the new auditory experience brought by the Sabbat E12; if you are a headset enthusiast Then, I believe that the Sabbat E12 will make a new definition of your view on headphones below $1,000.

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