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Redmi Note 8 Reviews: glass body value feels both


On August 29th, Xiaomi’s independent sub-brand Redmi released two new models, Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro. Although these two models belong to the same series, they are compared to the previous generation Redmi Note 7 series. Configuration or design, there are still big differences, but the same is inherited the Redmi Note 7 series “just” features. Redmi Note 8 Pro began to sell on September 3, the first sale is still pretty good, and Redmi Note 8 will also be on sale on September 16. What about this phone? Share the king and take everyone to see.

For Redmi, the previous share is also in contact with several models. Although the model models are different, there are always some similar places, but only one thing is changing, and that is the mobile phone box. . Redmi Note 7 uses the white main tone, Redmi K20 uses the purple main tone, and this time Redmi Note 8 uses the blue main tone directly. The accessories provide 18W charger, Type-C data cable, and silicone protective cover. Each one.

Redmi Note 8 offers three colors: Dream Blue, Moonlight White, and Meteorite Black. Compared with the previous Redmi Note 7, the color matching is more closely related to the trend, especially the moon color can be said to be the most popular color. In terms of design, Redmi Note 8 is not much different from Redmi Note 7. It also uses a full-screen design of water droplets. The screen size is also 6.3 inches, the resolution is 2340x1080P, and it has been certified by low Blu-ray. Sharpness and color reproduction are not bad.

The exterior screen of Redmi Note 8 uses Corning’s fifth-generation gorilla glass. Although it has not changed from the previous generation Redmi Note 7, the Corning gorilla is still recognized as the best supplier in mobile phone glass, not to mention the same price. The model also uses aluminum-silicon glass, which shows that the Redmi Note 8 is still relatively powerful. Regarding the front of Redmi Note 8, I would like to mention that Redmi Note 8 first printed the words “Redmi” on the front border of the screen. Is it a bit eye-catching?

The front camera of Redmi Note 8 is located in the top bangs. It uses a 1.12μm, f/2.0 aperture 13 million pixel single-shot lens. The specific camera model is unknown. It supports AI beauty, AI scene separation, face recognition. , 1080P video shooting and other common features. In general, the face of Redmi Note 8 is quite comfortable. 90% of the screens are normal in the 1000-dollar business model, especially the screen resolution. The new machine is still very reliable.

The back cover of the Redmi Note 8 continues to be made of glass. The same as the outer glass, it is the fifth generation of Corning Glass, but it does not use the 3D surface design of the Redmi Note 8 Pro. Instead, it uses a 2.5D curved surface. Design, the whole machine feels somewhat similar to the feeling of Xiaomi 8SE. Regarding the border of Redmi Note 8, the official website does not mention what material is used, but according to the touch sensor, it is made of plastic material, but it is treated with metal highlights, which is very similar to metal from a visual point of view.

Redmi Note 8’s rear camera directly on the four-shot lens, Xiaomi mobile phone flagship model has not been taken four times, have to say that Lu Weibing’s heart is still very big. Redmi Note 8 comes standard with a total of 48 million + 8 million + 2 million + 2 million pixels, of which 48 million pixels are the main camera, and the other three lenses are wide-angle, macro and depth of field cameras. Only the four-shot lens of Redmi Note 8 is raised on the back cover. Fortunately, the gifted silicone protective cover has better protection on the lens protection.

The thickness of Redmi Note 8 is slightly thicker than Redmi Note. The body is 8.35mm thick, weighs 190g, and the battery capacity is 4000mAh. It uses a lithium-ion polymer battery, supports 18W fast charge, and is directly equipped with 18W fast charge. Device. In terms of data interface, Redmi Note 8 not only adopts USB Type-C double-sided charging interface, but also comes standard with 3.5mm headphone port, infrared remote control, and equipped with super linear speaker. It is the first millet to support speaker sound wave dedusting (red rice) ) Mobile phone.

The camera function of Redmi Note 8 is still quite a lot. The rear camera supports nine basic functions such as slow motion (120/240FPS), vibrato short video, video, photo, 48 million, portrait, night scene, panorama, professional, etc. The mode supports HDR, AI, macro, beauty/filter and level, countdown, shifting axis, etc., and supports super wide-angle edge distortion correction, custom watermark, portrait blur adjustment, full-screen format, etc. It can be said that Xiaomi flagship mobile phone Yes, it is basically available.

On the camera side, Share Jun simply experienced the automatic mode of Redmi Note 8, 48 million pixel mode, night scene mode and video recording. The first, second, and fourth photos are taken in automatic mode. The Redmi Note 8 shutter is very fast. The color is closer to the real scene during the day. The nighttime light is good. The night scene mode can be used when the light is insufficient. The third one The photo is taken in macro mode with AI function, directly close to the subject, click on the diagonal of the screen to shoot, the overall effect of the sample is not bad, the flower outline and details are clearer. For the camera performance of Redmi Note 8, it is still quite satisfactory.

In terms of performance, Redmi Note 8 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, and its performance is in the same grade as Huawei HiSilicon 710. It belongs to the middle-end product of Qualcomm Xiaolong series, and Ann Bunny runs about 170,000 points. Test performance is sure to run the game, share the test is “Peace Elite”, and use KFMark for data recording. The game length is 28 minutes. The average frame rate of Redmi Note 8 is 29, the average fluctuation is 0.97 frames, and the power consumption is 4%. The operation is smooth. The heat of the mobile phone is mainly concentrated in the upper part of the mobile phone, close to the camera part. Although it can feel the heat of the mobile phone, it does not appear to be hot. In general, the game is close to 30 minutes, and the heat and power control are still controlled. pretty good.

Redmi Note 8 is priced at 990-1399. At this price, I personally think that this phone is still good, especially after comparing the models with the same price. The glass body of Redmi Note 8 is obviously more than some plastic body. Too much, let alone scratch and abrasion resistance. In addition, Redmi Note 8’s 48 million four-shot personal feeling is very good, and the endurance results are more gratifying, the sound quality is also more obvious than the previous generation, if you put it on sale a year ago, you can definitely be a flagship machine to sell. Redmi Note 8 will be available for sale at 10 o’clock today. Don’t miss your favorite friends!

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