Review for OnePlus 6 Smartphone with 6.28 inches Notch Display

Review for OnePlus 6 Smartphone with 6.28 inches Notch Display

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OnePlus has a new product! OnePlus 6 is coming! For fans interested in this brand, the new OnePlus 6 represents a one-time upgrade of this OnePlus phone technology. Please allow me to ask if your wallet is ready for this great mobile phone.
Compared to OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T, the price of OnePlus 6 is indeed higher, so at this price point of view, is its design and functionality sufficient to attract users to purchase? Take everyone to learn about this mysterious smartphone now.

Review for OnePlus 6 Smartphone with 6.28 inches Notch Display
OnePlus 6 currently has three storage versions to choose from, 6GB+64GB, 8GB+128GB, 8+256GB, and the price is certainly not the same. Now you can purchase authentic original OnePlus 6 at at a very favorable price. When you receive the phone, there will be a phone, a charger, a manual, a card changer, and a Type-C USB cable. Get the phone, you can see OnePlus 6’s design style continues OnePlus always simple, smooth concept, 6.28-inch large optical AMOLED screen, the basic can not see the border. According to officials, this is a sports display that is very much in line with the needs of human science. Its monitor has a resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels and a pixel density of 402 ppi. Even in a strong light environment, the contents of the mobile phone can be clearly seen, and it has a very good display effect.
From the internal structure, OnePlus 6 uses Adreno 630 GPU and the latest Snapdragon 845 support, internal information processing speed is very fast, absolutely able to meet the needs of most users of the operation. Whether you are watching a movie, playing a game, listening to a song or multitasking at the same time, the high-speed background processor makes all your tasks fast and efficient. I don’t think I have to worry about my phone crash anymore!
Hobby photography, self-timer users do not have to worry, OnePlus 6 is equipped with a 16WP pixel front camera and 20MP rear camera, image quality absolute high-definition, while this camera also features OIS camera function, even at night or dark Shooting in light conditions is much better than shooting in other mobile phones of the same price. From now on, you can abandon the flash of the camera in your hand, shoot it casually, and you will get a high-quality photo. There are other modes in the camera waiting for you to explore. Now you can also save money for a separate camera purchase!
There must be a lot of people asking questions about cell phone batteries. After all, when you go out, you don’t really want to carry a heavy charge. The OnePlus 6’s battery capacity is 3300 mAh. Like Apple’s cell phones, its batteries cannot be disassembled. However, you only need to charge for 30 minutes, and you will have about 60% of power, enough for you to play for hours. If you are interested in this phone, just get it when it is not out of stock! After all, the market popularity of this phone is still very high!

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