OnePlus 5 4G Smartphone Review

OnePlus 5 4G Smartphone Review


OnePlus 5 maintains affordable high performance. In addition to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB RAM, it also has a balanced configuration without obvious shortages. How is it displayed?

OnePlus 5 still uses a 5.5-inch FHD AMOLED display with a Pentile sub-pixel array, the same as OnePlus 3. With the rapid growth of OLED penetration, OLED supporters and TFT supporters are arguing which one is better. TFT supporters believe that AMOLED is using PWM to control the brightness of the display, which will cause flickering light at low brightness, and the PPI of the Pentile sub-pixel array is lower than its claimed value. OLED supporters said that the TFT is not black enough, and the speed is not fast enough, it will lag when using the TFT display in winter.

OnePlus is a well-known overseas smartphone brand, so they added sRGB mode to OnePlus 3. Although the display still maintains the same specifications, OnePlus 5 adds DCI-P3 display mode in H2OS. In addition, the H2OS of OnePlus 5 is completely native Android 7, almost the same as Google Pixel XL, which is the rear of a Chinese brand smartphone.

Our OnePlus 5 is slightly warmer than 6500k (D65 standard). If you are used to the D65 standard, we don’t think this may be a problem. However, we believe that 6500 to 6900K will be a better choice for smartphones. OnePlus 5 cannot adjust the color temperature in sRGB and DCI-P3 modes, so it can improve the brightness error and color accuracy. In sRGB mode, OnePlus covers less than the sRGB color gamut and loses red dynamics, which makes it look a bit organized. We think this problem was made by AMOLED displays, but the same thing happened with Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

The biggest disadvantage of OnePlus 5 in our daily use is the viewing angle. In addition to the bright colors of AMOLED, it shows a little bluish green when in use, while R11 is quite good when viewed. When we use Polaroid sunglasses, this does not appear. This shortage has reduced product positioning and worsened OLED viewing angles. As OnePlus’ flagship product, it should not reduce this detail. The OnePlus 5 display is brighter than the previous generation, and there is no difference when used outdoors. DCI-P3 mode is now only an available option for Android, and the sRGB mode at Apple, Samsung or Microsoft level will be better. We are still brave to pursue technology.

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