What is a Motion-Sensing Light

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A motion-sensing light incorporates a motion sensor (a switch) that turns on a light when something moves in front of the motion sensor attached to a light fixture. This type of security lighting detects movement in areas you’d like to protect or be aware that someone is lingering in at night. Motion-sensing lights have four parts that make up the light.

The first is the base that attaches to the junction box. The second is the sensor that detects movement and closes the switch to make the light bulbs light. It comes complete with a photocell that prevents the light from coming on during the day. The third is the light bulb socket assembly that holds the bulb or bulbs. The fourth is the electrical wiring consisting of a hot, neutral, and ground wire. The fifth is a rubber gasket that forms a seal between the box and fixture.

This type of outdoor lighting uses type R and PAR lamps. You may attach a timer or manual switch to also operate the light.

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