First Experence on Wii Game


Since childhood vision caused by exposure to extreme NES Nintendo dropped after the mother is more opposed to my father play the game. But I love the game is then formed. Because the father engaged in computer work reasons, but also access to many computer games occasionally, but has been missed with the TV Game. Middle School can not help when the 200 had bought a Sega 16-bit and do not know the first generations of Japanese version of Phantasy Star. Later, playing a total of less than 10 hours, not to play through just because the students want to go abroad resold.

After going abroad because of the floating population is zero, so do not buy a TV, has been relying on computers to live. Also became interested in handheld therefore, has bought the limited edition Pokemon GBC and New Zealand All Blacks team limited edition GBA-SP.

Nearly 2 years get a TV, though not HD, but finally able to play the game getting better, they slowly started to consider whether or not the TV Game of the. Last weekend, could not buy a Wii. 3 reasons:

PS3 and XBox360 games than most people think that Europe is 3 platform, and most of them will first consider the Japanese game PS3 (out of Wii is concerned). So it can start to consider PS3, but now PS3’s high price, plenty of room for price cuts, so no hurry to start.

Wii console game experience than the other way.

Wii on sale now, especially games. And the students to go to New Zealand to play, can help a tax rebate, but also save a lot of money.

So, start with the Wii. Such as the sale are found here sell the European version of Wii, PAL format. Box which contains the host, the host stand, power cable, video cable, wireless controller (Wii Remote), right that handles attachments (Wii Nunchuk), handles the infrared sensor, sensor bracket, and with the game Wii Sport.

Entertainment because of the need and his wife together, so they bought a wireless wiimote controller (Wii Remote) and the handle attachment (Wii Nunchuk). One wireless controller (Wii Remote) also comes with the game Wii Play. Comes with the game except, of course, the classic Nintendo game Zelda was purchased in the bag.

3 days after the trial design is indeed a unique feeling of Wii, the entrance is a pity that the disc has been lit in blue light is not, but when the time will receive a new message light. Wii comes with wireless receiver can be connected directly to wireless devices at home. Wii which has WiiConnect24, in the 24-hour standby time will be updated online games or other channels (such as weather / news) of things, but basically because of this machine is open 24 hours, a bit hot … check online The power consumption shows that when the standby power consumption 10W, when the game power 17W. Compared to other 2 large host standby power consumption when comparing the time but the game is power! If you want to close, must close the key period of time to really close the Wii.

Wii storage system using the SD Mini SD card and SD card series of cards, you buy a memory card, eliminating the need for the $ $ $. But also cheap, large memory capacity.

Wii controller can be described as design ingenuity, you can not say the wireless remote control switch, and there is also a speaker, the game is going to be prompted to give the tone from the speakers inside. Bowling ball is in your example, your speakers will handle “sting” was loud, the Zelda game what happens if the situation there will also handle different voices in the play inside out. Sounds like all sent from the host to the handle, so basically the sound is different each time, and not always fixed those few voices.

The game even more interesting, punching wiimote and nunchuk, a fist holding a stick, and really like the beat boxing opponents, playing a down windy. Zelda is used to simulate the handle the action scenes, so address him fun to start a fight. And the real situation is not like golf, probably because both games, the action of the handle wave measure is not very accurate, sometimes when the final putt often mishandled.

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