Stylish Wool Scarf, Ideal Clothes Matching


Those who are catching up with date must pay more attention to fashion all the time. If so, do you know what is the ideal and stylish clothes matching for this long cold winter? For what color and which style? How do you think of wool scarf? There comes various of elegant and stylish scarves on now. Have you noticed that? All these scarves or shawls are made of high quality pure wool, with elegant and stylish design, it’s a perfect collocation for you to keep warm and look fashionable. Simple, elegant and stylish design makes it can be used as scarves and wraps, and can wear all the year around. High quality and good durability is the highlight.

red wool scarf

Colors on a clothing is to determine the absorption of heat. It is better if you wear white clothing in the daytime, and black at night. This is no different with a black wool scarf. Usage black wool scarf is very good in the night.

Black wool scarf

The black color is easy to absorb heat, for it very well using a black wool scarf in the night. Your neck will be more felt warm from the chill night air. But what would happen if you use a black wool scarf in the daytime.

Blue wool scarf

Follow the guidelines below to ensure a long and healthy life for your silk and wool shawl.

  • First, test a mild, non-alkaline liquid soap or baby shampoo on a small, inconspicuous section of the scarf to ensure that the substance won’t affect the scarf’s colors.
  • If the soap passed the test, soak the scarf in lukewarm water mixed with a few drops of the soap for no longer than five to seven minutes. You can rub the scarf gently at this time.
  • Rinse the scarf in cool, clean water.
  • Next, add distilled white vinegar to the rinse water. This will neutralize alkali traces, dissolve soap residue and ultimately keep the silk shiny.
  • Once the soap and vinegar is completely rinsed away, squeeze the fabric softly to remove excess water. Do not ring to the silk, as this can damage the fibers.
  • Lay the scarf flat between two towels to dry.
  • Iron the silk on a low setting while scarf is still slightly damp to smooth and add shine.

There are also many other colors available for this kind of wool scarf, such as grey, irovy, just see it here:

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