New accessories bring a more realistic Wii gaming experience


Down to A primary school student, from the grown old, and both are in the Nintendo (Nintendo) Wii game, attracted to leave the comfort of the sofa, wielded in the hands of the motion sensor remote control plays a game of games. Play Wii games with the action you need to do in real life when you do play these games very close to the action, Wii players will feel so than other video games that require simple and more complicated operations.

Popular game in nearly three years after the Wii, Nintendo recently announced, Wii Console first-quarter sales of less than half of sales last year. Wii need some new elements, Nintendo believes he has found a solution, that is: Wii MotionPlus Nunchuck Remote Controller accessories.

This gadget can access the Wii remote base price of 20 dollars alone, with the bundled Wii Sports Resort game is $ 50, Wii Sports Resort includes Wii MotionPlus adapter with 12 kinds of sports games. Wii Console price of $ 250, comes with a remote control and a remote nunchuck controller. Wii MotionPlus accessory is equipped with a gyroscope to help players wrist remote sensing and / or make a slight twist or arm swing, and these actions reflected on the screen. Such an action would increase Such as bowling, golf games of accuracy, you will not feel the strike or Xiuqiu ─ ─ ─ ─ just by luck. You can also play golf, table tennis or bowling game played spin the ball when Come.

I’ve been playing games with the Wii MotionPlus, a small Wii game accessories greatly enhance the entertainment and authenticity. In some cases, this means that I play the game than the success rate of the remote control to reduce the original, and because With MotionPlus accessory for the following, the more sensitive the remote control. But I eventually adjusted to this point, compared to an ordinary remote control, I would like to add a MotionPlus remote.

No matter how fun, Wii MotionPlus can only be said to be an improved design, not a revolutionary new thing. If you have never played the Wii game, would not know to use the remote control without MotionPlus when those less fun.

On Video games, radio and television broadcasting in control, if one day we do not need any remote control, even with the camera movement can be perceived by our reaction to the TV screen them up, it is definitely an exciting thing. June, Microsoft announced Project Natal project, involving the same product in the future will be supporting all of the Xbox 360 game console can be directly induced dynamic and voice, but also to identify the user’s face. In this case, users can naturally make a variety of swing, throwing, running, jumping, action can be, without having to learn how to master the remote Controller, using a variety of buttons.

Similarly, Sunnyvale, California Canesta Inc. Company intends to make the user’s hands to assume a TV remote control functions. Canesta idea is, for example, when you walk into the room, waving your hands directed at the TV can turn it on, a hand painted right Ring to increase the volume, open book pages with similar action to change the channel. I once tried to preach at Canesta products, my personal experience is with both hands, turn this feature is indeed very powerful channel, the feeling that some can not think of Proposal. But so far, the market’s natural motion sensor products are also only Nintendo that one, but have now supporting the use of Wii Remote Controller. Project Natal is still under development, has not been applied in any product, and certainly this year there will be no results.

Canesta with Hitachi (Hitachi) to cooperate, its products are used in the Hitachi TV, Hitachi said, however, the earliest of these TVs to be available by 2010, and probably the first made in Japan Sale. Canesta is seeking cooperation with other companies, of course, they can be developed as a result can be widely used in televisions, computers, set-top box or other device in the stand-alone product.

There The Wii MotionPlus, the remote control becomes quite intelligent, and less need for key operation. For example, playing basketball cast pointers, only the remote control on the right hand grip, and then you can make the act of shooting. Paul launched Bowling keys when no longer needed, and it incurred in the past, but the primary players who hate Wii Bowling. When I throw the flying saucer is just holding the remote control, such as real as you can make a throwing motion To the. At first, my friends and also to make some stiff video game-style action, then the screen guide encouraged us to do the movements to be more natural, and we act according operations play into the plot the better.

Wii Sports Resort includes 12 kinds of sports, but not the original Wii Sports is very popular in some of the old game. Table tennis has been replaced, boxing, fencing is changed, bowling and golf retained, but baseball was deleted. New movement wakeboarding, flying saucer, Archery, basketball, jet skiing, rowing, cycling and air sports like parachute.

I Release the ball when bowling a bit before the switch to the wrist, plus a little rotating the intensity of the reaction that the ball is unusually sensitive, I had to find out the tricks in the rotation before the intensity decreases. Play water slide, it may be the remote control Cross in hand, as you put it firmly in the hands, used to control the direction of the cross in the water handle. Wii MotionPlus support with the Nintendo Wii Controller can also be used, my friend and I installed on the remote control handle, to several rounds of archery (he beat me seven rings). Install the handle, we need to remote control The same device as the bow lifted, the handle as an arrow and then slowly pull back on it there are very real ─ ─ sound it.

Those who are not playing the game with MotionPlus support when Can also be fitted with remote control MotionPlus, on playing the game will not be affected. But not an ordinary remote control to play the game with MotionPlus support. In addition to Wii Sports Resort, there are three specially designed Wii MotionPlus Games: Sega (Sega) of the “power of Tennis 2009” (Virtua Tennis 2009, EA Sports’s “Grand Slam tennis” (Grand Slam Tennis) and “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10” (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10).

If you play the Wii play a little bit tired, and want some new things, then you will like the game Wii MotionPlus accessory to bring a new experience, and the price is quite cheap ─ ─ but had to spend money to buy another and another of supporting the new game. In general, it is exciting is that advances in technology almost Through to such an extent that we can quickly move through the hands to achieve a natural part of operations, will not allow remote control of everything.

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