HUAWEI P10 VTR-AL00 Fingerprint Smartphone

Huawei P10 hammer 64M pixels Samsung A71


In the field of information technology, although Moore’s Law has been down for many years, and although it has lasted for more than half a century, the ceiling and bottlenecks of performance growth predicted by Moore’s Law have not yet arrived. (The content of Moore’s Law is: When the price is unchanged, the number of components that can be accommodated on the integrated circuit will double every 18-24 months, and the performance will also double. In other words, every dollar The performance of the computer that can be purchased will more than double every 18-24 months. For example, the performance of the IBM360 system computer developed by IBM in the mid-1960s at a cost of 5 billion is only equivalent to a 3.5 cent processor)

This rule reflects the current mobile phones, the performance of the current mid-range phones can usually easily surpass the flagship phones a few years ago. For example, the Honor 9X from 999 yuan can easily hang the Huawei P10 equipped with Kirin 960 released earlier than two or three years. However, this is not the case in the field of photography. Even the Huawei P10 three years ago still hangs a bunch of new mid-to-high-end models equipped with Sony 586. For example, the latest Samsung Galaxy A71.

A few days ago, Samsung’s new mid-to-high-end model Galaxy A71 5G started pre-sale on the official website, which uses Exynos 980 dual-mode 5G chip. In terms of performance, it can be said to hang the Huawei P10 equipped with Kirin 960, but its photography score is surprising. Today, DXOMARK Chinese announced the camera score of this phone-84 points. The Huawei P10 scores released as early as three or four years are 87 points, and the gap is still very obvious.

It is worth noting that this is not an example, as the original Chinese words of DXOMARK said: Samsung Galaxy A71 is not far from the performance of other mid-range smartphones. Through a simple review of history, we can find that the official website of DxOMark recently announced the camera score of Black Shark Game 2 and the total score was only 84 points. It scored 84 points for taking pictures and 85 points for video shooting.

More importantly, the Huawei P10 is actually a 20-megapixel black and white dual-camera, and the old Sony 286 sensor. The current mid-range models all use at least three or four cameras supported by the main camera Sony 586, but lost to the flagship mobile phone three or four years ago when the hardware is far ahead, which is a good brand. Fight badly!

In the follow-up, the Huawei P20 Pro of Sony 600 was used, and its DXO score reached 109 points in a big leap. So far, it still crushes all new mid-range machines equipped with the same level sensor Sony 586, and even models equipped with more advanced sensors Sony 686.

As described in a sentence widely circulated in the mobile phone photography circle-hardware determines the lower limit of mobile phone photography, and algorithms and technologies determine the upper limit of mobile phone photography. We can see that in fact, the lower limit determined by the mobile phone hardware is actually much lower than we thought. At present, the lower limit is about 80 points, and the upper limit determined by the mobile phone algorithm is far higher than we thought. Many, from the current comparison we can see that the algorithm can improve the space at least 30 points or more! And the gap in the optimization capabilities of mobile phone manufacturers is far greater than we thought. More importantly, the photography progress of flagship phones is much faster than that of midrange phones!

Therefore, if you want a mobile phone with powerful camera capabilities, you’d better choose the flagship model, even if it is the old flagship model, don’t believe what to buy new or not to buy the old one, because this is not established in photography , The role of hardware is much smaller than you think.

If not unexpected, the mid-range camera is still very decadent, and the Huawei P20 may continue to lead the mid-range machine at the same price for several years in photography.

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