Xiaomi 1MORE Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

1MORE fashion really wireless headphones give you a different feeling


With the development of smart technology, today’s Bluetooth headsets can be said to be diverse. With the launch of Apple AirPods, wireless Bluetooth headsets have entered a new era, and various brands have also launched such products, and today’s true wireless Bluetooth headsets As a acoustic brand dedicated to R&D design and intelligent software and hardware development, 1MORE is committed to presenting superior quality and more comprehensive value to music-loving users by using advanced and professional technology and strict testing system. The latest launch of a face value and strength to bear the high value, the strength of the “fashion beans” can not wait to get started.

1MORE’s outer packaging adopts simple and elegant black and white gray color matching, and the front side is equipped with a rendering of headphones. The German design award logo with red IF logo is also the most conspicuous, embodying the brand’s honor; the bottom uses multi-national voice-to-product information parameters. Introduced.

The packaging of 1MORE adopts the opening method of the side magnetic suction cover. The first thing to notice after opening the box is that the reverse side of the package cover introduces the design of the product with sketches. This style of product introduction is the first time I see it. To, very novel, suddenly curiosity rose a little; next, I saw the main body of the product headphones and charging box set in the inner box, quietly waiting for the flop.

Next is the family portrait of the product, 1MORE’s packaging is small, the built-in accessories are really a lot, as many as a dozen, in addition to headphones and charging box, there are storage bags, manuals, USB cable, replaceable silicone earplugs , ear support, quick start guide, warranty card, product brochure, Wan Mao Xiong stickers.

The charging box of the earphone is designed like an egg and has a long oval shape. It is very light and round in the hand. The whole machine is treated with fine sanding, and a plastic shell with metal paint is applied. The overall weight is only 52.8g, which is equivalent to The size of an egg is light and without losing its texture. The overall design is also very simple. Except for the logo on the top of the product, there is no extra design, exquisite and generous; and there are four colors in the starting line (streaming gold) , Hummingbird Green, Allure Powder, Hyun Night Black), can be used with different fashion and fashion trends.

On the back of the charging box is a traditional Micro-USB charging interface.

The charging box adopts a snap-type open box design, and has a button for pressing down. The one-button opening design can be opened and closed with one hand; the charging box is opened, and the top of the earphone body with the silicone body is designed to protrude from the main body of the earphone body. It plays a role of protection. The bottom is designed with L and R marks, and the metal contacts correspond to the main body of the earphone for easy resolution.

The main body of the earphone and the charging box adopt a magnetic charging type, and the earphone is attracted to the charging box by magnetically close to the charging box; the capacity of the charging box is 410mAh, and the two headphones can be simultaneously Charging 3 times, at the same time, 1MORE true wireless headset also supports fast charging function, charging for 15 minutes can be used for about 3 hours.

The main body of the 1MORE earphone continues the roundness of the charging box. Correspondingly, the small and round shape is only 6.2g in weight. The non-conductive vacuum coating process is adopted on the outer casing of the earphone, and the wear resistance, sweat resistance and signal of daily life are adopted. There is a lot of help in penetration. At the same time, the 45° oblique in-ear earphone design has the same function as the sealed outer membrane of the silicone outer ear sleeve. The difference is that the 1MORE configuration has three pairs of different types of annular outer ear supports for flexible use. Also marked with L, R logos for easy identification, flexibility and stability are quite good, will not fall easily in daily life and sports.

More special is that the top of the 1MORE earphone body is designed with a raised physical button, which can be used for long-pressing, short-pressing, double-clicking, and triple-clicking, so that it can be used for daily blind exercises or music playback. The control of the aspect is quite handy, but the volume control of the earphone needs to be adjusted from the device; the main body of the two earphones also has magnetic attraction, and the two earphones can also be sucked together by suction, which should be its The two metal contacts correspond to the contacts of the charging box for charging.

When used, 1MORE fashion beans are also relatively convenient. After the first connection, they can be automatically paired each time, and the single-ear mode can be switched freely. Any one of the headphones can also be used separately, which is flexible and convenient in daily use. The waterproof storage bag is convenient for daily use, and it is dustproof and waterproof.

1MORE has Bluetooth 5.0 technology with aptX, AAC audio decoding method makes 1MORE fashion beans have obvious improvement in data transmission performance and reducing power. The pronunciation uses a special titanium diaphragm moving coil unit, three-layer titanium composite diaphragm, Taking into account the rich details and solid bass, the precision acoustic measurement system of the same level as the mobile phone, the true sound of the sound is restored; taking Wu Qingfeng’s several songs as an example, “Little Love Song”, “Window”, “Wind”, in the sound quality The expressiveness is still good. Both the potential and the rebound are just right. The overall atmosphere and the sense of presence of the music are relatively good. The sound is full, not dry, not harsh, and the human voice is quite good.

For the call, 1MORE Fashion Bean has added intelligent call noise reduction technology, and adopts a hardware MEMS microphone with stable and easy to drop the Kardon advantage, and with the application of digital intelligent algorithm DSP noise reduction technology, it can be a good call environment. Noise reduction makes the call process clearer and more natural.

1MORE’s launch of this stylish bean’s true wireless headset, giving people a good experience, not only has a small and lightweight appearance, it can be easily put into pockets and bags, and also with ergonomic earplugs and ring earrings, wear Comfortable and not easy to fall, plus 24 hours of continuous battery life, better sound quality performance, noise reduction treatment, etc. is worthy of a high value and strength of the face value and strength.

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