Is smart watch still popular today?


In the era of smartphones and tablets, is smart watch phones popular? Smart watches come in a variety of brands, with different prices and quality, and today smart watches are basically used by some fans. Some people are worried that the radiation of the watch is very strong. Some people worry that mobile phone watches may invade the privacy of users. Most importantly, most smart watches have a very short battery life and require daily charging. If you forget to charge, it doesn’t even have the function of an ordinary watch. For these reasons, many people think that smart watches are not popular. How to make smart watches as popular as mobile phones makes them an indispensable tool for users. This is a problem.

Despite this, smart watch phones still have its value, smart watches are not very practical for young people, but very suitable for the elderly and children. Almost all smart watches have the function of answering and positioning. These two functions are very important for the safety of the elderly and children.LEMFO LEM7 4G-LTE Smart Watch Phone is a multi-function smart watch with high wear resistance. It has a 1.39-inch AMOLED round screen and a 2MP high-resolution camera. Support Nano SIM card, 4G network, make independent calls. Built-in voice search. Support voice recognition and voice operation, easy to use for the elderly with poor eyesight. Built-in 580 mAh battery, and 700 mAh mobile power supply, outdoor use is more convenient. It has GPS positioning and can also broadcast local weather forecasts, giving users a great experience!LEMFO LEM7 4G-LTE Smart Watch Phone with 1G+16G

The Microwear H2 Smart Watch Phone has a simple yet luxurious look and is made of high-quality materials that are durable and waterproof. With the MTK6580 1.0GHz quad-core CPU, the H2 smart watch runs extremely smoothly. It features heart rate monitoring and pedometer function. The PixArt 8001 heart rate monitoring sensor records your heart rate data for 24 hours. Smart watches can record your steps in real time, so you can exercise with the new H2 smart watch. It is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera to capture every important moment in your daily life. This watch is the best gift for your father.Microwear H2 Smart Watch Phone 1GB RAM 16GB ROM

If you are always worried about your child’s safety at school and outdoors, the Kids Smart Watch Children Tracker is the perfect gift for your child, helping you stay in touch with your child in any dangerous environment. It’s as simple as calling a child at the touch of a button! It has information reminder, call reminder, answering calls, making calls, pushing information, voice chat, anti-lost, pedometer, sleep monitor, etc.Made of environmentally-friendly and high-quality materials, it is reliable and scratch resistant. It is ultra-small and light, only 54g, convenient for children to carry. Parents can set the DND period through the APP terminal to prevent the child from being disturbed during class time.Kids Smart Watch Children Tracker Smartwatch

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