More exciting! QCY Q12 Mini Bluetooth Headset

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With the development of technology, from the previous wired headsets to the current Bluetooth headsets, every change has greatly enriched and facilitated many life scenes. There are many types of Bluetooth headsets, for example, like What is monocular, binaural, with wire control, head-mounted, business type, sports type, etc., is very complete, but now most of the Bluetooth headsets on the market are relatively large, for People who are always on a business trip may not be very convenient, so today I will introduce you to this mini Bluetooth headset, QCY Q12, which combines small and cute appearance and high sound quality.

This time, the QCY Q12 package is very delicate. The front and transparent packaging box design can clearly see the inside of the earphone through the box. The package is also printed with four words, which is QCY. I want to convey the spirit of a combination of technology and fun.

Looking at the QCY Q12 is very charming and compact, only 5 grams of weight, for the daily wear is very comfortable, no sense of guilt.

QCY Q12 body is very full, touch can also feel a round like pebbles in the hand, QCY Q12 is also used in the industry’s extremely rare chameleon photosensitive spraying technology, no matter which angle looks so dazzling!

This QCY Q12 is very intimate to provide 3 Bluetooth headset sets, which greatly facilitates the different needs of many users, and these earmuffs are made of silicone material, which is soft to the touch, so don’t worry about wearing too long. The ear acid problem.

Of course, although the sparrow is small, but the whole body is complete, QCY Q12 is very rich in functions, such as answering and hanging up the phone, as well as volume adjustment, song switching, last redial, power switch should have, as such a small Bluetooth headset The function can be so complete, it is really rare!

Also, this QCY Q12 is also very intimately equipped with ear hooks. I believe many people will take Bluetooth headsets to exercise. This ear hook will ensure that it will not be squatted during strenuous exercise, so it is unscrupulous. It’s good to run and jump.

In addition, QCY Q12 is not only enough in the appearance function, but also does not let us down in the sound quality performance. This product is equipped with DSP+CVC intelligent noise reduction, which can bring extremely clean sound performance. Whether it’s during the call or listening to music every day, this pure and pleasant sound quality performance will definitely touch you. When the current life rhythm becomes faster and faster, choose this QCY Q12 wireless Bluetooth headset, which can make You feel the infinite comfort in your life, and you can completely keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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