QCY QY19 BT Headset In-ear Sports Stereo Headphone

QCY QY19 became the first choice of the public!

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Partners should have felt that wired headphones are fading out of our sights, followed by Bluetooth headphones, because it has got rid of the shackles of wired, so it is highly sought after by young people.

Among the portable Bluetooth headsets, the QCY brand ’s aura is still outstanding. The latest QCY QY19 Bluetooth headset is one of the best. As the flagship of the year, this hanging ear headset has a lightweight body So it is very comfortable to wear.

It is said that there are two kinds of outer packaging. This one we have has a typical fruit flavor. The plastic cover can see the headphone unit inside, which is convenient for consumers to buy.

The back of the outer package is printed with the basic parameters of the product. In addition, the eye-catching is the anti-counterfeit label on the back.

Remote control with wheat

The charging interface also arranges the online control position, and the standby time is one week after being fully charged. In addition, it also supports the “fast charging” function, charging for 10 minutes and listening to music for 1 hour.

This Bluetooth headset emphasizes the characteristics of bilateral stereo in terms of sound performance.

Shark fins + sports ear caps can effectively ensure that they do not slip and fall off during exercise

Summary: QCY QY19 is a civilian sports earphone with exquisite workmanship and outstanding sound, which is favored by young user groups. It is mainly aimed at outdoor sports crowds, and it is targeted to strengthen the application of shark fins. After loading this structure, it can be used. Hold the ears firmly so that they do not fall off, even under high intensity exercise! In terms of sound, I don’t dare to talk big, but it is definitely worth the price. As a sports headset, this sound quality is enough for many similar products on the market. What’s even more valuable is that it has also developed a variety of color options for Phantom Black, Rose Gold, Phantom White, Mars Green, and Afan Blue.

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