Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Earphones Mi True Wireless Earbuds

The advantages and disadvantages of Redmi Airdots are very obvious

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Now the release of Redmi Airdots has been around for a few months, and many users have now begun to respond to the advantages and disadvantages of this phone. The cognition of this headset is also more profound. Among them, this mobile phone is a true wireless Bluetooth headset. Its own price is only US$21.49, which is very cheap and conscience. The price is really very low compared to those of $100 or even $200.

The continuous playback time of this headset is also very long, probably can last for 2~3 hours. Of course, the specific battery life is mainly the volume of the headphones. In comparison, the endurance of such headphones is actually very good. It can fully cope with our daily use every day.

As a $21.49 problem, it is a wireless headset. Many people have no big hope for the sound quality of Redmi Airdots, but the sound quality of this headset is also very good. The sound is heavy, the middle and high sound is stable. The earphones are already very good in the sound quality of 100 yuan.

As a $21.49 headset, it must be present in some flaws. Although it is an ultimate cost-effective headset, it does not have some features. The first is that the call is not good, and the performance is good in the quiet indoor situation, but if the outdoor environment is noisy, it is very likely that the other party can’t hear what you are talking about. Secondly, this is the connection of the headphones. Complex, you must carefully read the instructions, follow the steps to be able to connect successfully.

If the user who uses this headset every day will find that the storage box switch connection of this earphone is used for a long time, then there will be a feeling that the carton cannot be smoothly closed or opened, and many users have encountered it. This is the case.

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