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Scratch the map, will the traveler choose a new toy?

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The scratch map is just like its name, but it is a map. The only difference is that it will show the map after you scrape off the surface of the copper foil, see the place name, mark and so on. The black background and the copper foil seem to have some mysterious appeal, which confuses people to walk far away, and the bright and bright colors after the scraping of the copper foil form a strong contrast with the black and gold background, which is a glory after the adventure. prove.

1, function introduction

Scratch Map shows you the places you have traveled with your family in a very personal way, and the scratch map can also be decorated with decoration and sent to people. After the map is scraped, it is recommended to keep some golden copper. Part of the foil, so that the decoration is stronger.

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2, Google Trend Analysis

Google Trends for this product is searched in English, Russian, and Spanish respectively. Only in English, Google Trends shows that the search heat has been seasonally fluctuating over the past five years, and the winter search has reached the highest level, and the fluctuations have been rising since 2017. The search heat reached the highest in the UK, followed by the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

3, scratch map global mainstream self-media research


Searching for scratchmap on Instagram, there are 23,244 posts about scratching the map, and there are many scratch maps on related images.


Searching for the most popular page on the scratchmap homepage on Facebook is 3111 times. The relevant pictures are basically the same, and the most likes are 1050. But the search does not match the activity of the scratchmap match.

N/a data

Searched for some scraped map posts, discussing the function and fun of scratching the map. The highest number of messages is 295.

  1. Scraping the retail price of the map on the mainstream retail e-commerce platform and the number of sales on each platform

Most of the products that Amazon searches for are between USD20-50. The evaluation of the page shows that the product has the highest number of evaluations of 305. Each product has a basic evaluation, ranging from a few to hundreds.

The price range on is USD25-40, most of which are priced around USD30. The most popular number of this product is 34700.

There are several products on sale at Wal-Mart, which are priced at USD10-30. Most are around USD20. The number of evaluations of the product is small. Some are almost zero.

  1. The article content and viewpoint excerpts of this product professional organization

In the green network has published an article about scratching the map, the following is an excerpt from the article:

ScratchMap is a very personal way to show you where your family has traveled. The scratch map is first displayed in front of you with a golden map with a gold foil surface, and then scraping away all the places you have visited, it will present a distinctive world map with regional colors and details. .

  1. Twitter, blog and other blog platforms, foreign opinion leaders comment on products and forecasts (no data yet)

Search for products on Twitter:

Popular categories have fewer likes and comments, but there are many pictures and videos related to the class.

  1. Patent issues

Produced by the British Luckies brand.


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