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Xiaomi 2 in 1 VH makeup mirror charging treasure

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Xiaomi’s Xiaomi has a platform for products, and new products are launched from time to time. Recently, there are practical small things that are believed to attract girls. VH portable beauty mirror mobile power, as the name suggests, is to combine the mirror and the “urine bag” into one, but it is not a “negative bag” attached to a reflective lens, but a mirror that is really suitable for makeup.

What is a mirror for makeup? It may be very strange to boys. In addition to the mirror, you need a proper light source. Millet has this portable beauty mirror mobile power supply, built-in 12 LED high-brightness soft fill light, and can also adjust the brightness according to user requirements. In addition, there are two mirrors in the mirror box, one of which is double the magnifying glass, so that the user can see more clearly.

Another use of portable beauty mirror mobile power is the “week bag”, built-in 3,000mAh battery, input and output are 5V/1A, although it can not provide fast charging, but at least enough to provide emergency charging for mobile phones. In order to save electricity, when the mirror box is closed, the LED fill light will be automatically turned off, and when the battery is 10% charged, the charging function will stop immediately, but the LED fill light function can be maintained for 1 hour, it seems to be a makeup More important than mobile phone charging. VH “Receiving” portable beauty mirror mobile power supply price of 33.23 US dollars, with orange and green shell options.

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