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With the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for household products are getting higher and higher. These household products not only need to meet the aesthetic needs of people in appearance and design, but also need to ensure scientific and humanized use. Indoor lighting fixtures are the most important part of the home system, and people are more demanding. Most of the lighting tools on the market have important decorative effects. Different styles of lights can create different atmospheres. Winter is coming, it is time to decorate your home to be warmer and brighter. You will be interested in these lights

DC5V 2W 8 LEDs Foldable Book Lamp with Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Technology
The product features a unique book design that radiates soft warm white light, is a good decoration and practical lighting, excellent LED beads, no flash and radiation, can keep your eyes away from fatigue, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It uses ultrasonic mosquito repellent technology to not only provide you with good lighting, but also to create a healthy environment without mosquitoes. It adopts the indicator design, the mosquito repellent mode is blue light, the charging is red light, and the full charge is green light. Mini size, light weight, easy to carry, small footprint, user-friendly. You can use this light replaced table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and bedside lamps.DC5V 2W 8 LEDs Foldable Book Lamp with Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Technology

Tomshine 0.6W 10M/32.8Ft 80LEDs String Light
Do you like colorful life? Do you want to make your home more attractive? thisTomshine 0.6W 10M/32.8Ft 80LEDs String Light makes your dreams come true. It features a special bulb shape design, a frosted surface designed with a bulb, only 19 mm in diameter, a mini-sized release for more places and a unique matte bulb surface for softer light. This light string has 8 kinds of lighting effects, including wave, continuous, slow speed, chase/flash, slow fade, flashing/flashing, stable lighting, to meet your various needs, giving you a variety of visual enjoyment. It also comes with an IR 13-key remote that you can use to set different lighting effects and adjust the brightness of the light. Another way to control the light is to press the button on the battery compartment. You can only change the lighting effect and turn the light on/off. You can decorate the restaurant, bedroom, bar.Tomshine 0.6W 10M/32.8Ft 80LEDs String Light with Remote Control

5W E27 SMD2835 LED Flame Dynamic Effect Light Bulbs
On a cold winter day, you must hope to create a warm atmosphere at home? Try these luminaires with dynamic flame effects. It uses artificial fire, dynamic flashing flames, simulating nature, and warm and comfortable flame colors create a calm and romantic atmosphere. The simulated flame changes in real time, switching between breathing mode and normal lighting mode. It is widely used in hotels, night clubs, outdoor gardens, wedding decorations, parties, etc. This innovative lighting is also an innovative gift for children and friends.5W E27 SMD2835 LED Flame Dynamic Effect Light Bulbs

Solar Powered Fence Light Wall Lamp
This solar outdoor light requires no electricity, energy saving, environmental protection, power saving, automatic switch, automatic opening at night / automatic closing at sunrise. Easily and quickly installed on roofs, walls, sheds, fences, gutter systems or any flat surface without wiring. The continuous use time is 8-10 hours. Very useful lighting for your garden, courtyard, landscape, road, courtyard, driveway, etc. It is small, lightweight and waterproof, and is a good partner for your home life.Solar Powered Fence Light Wall Lamp White Light

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