Extreme sound effect true wireless Bluetooth headset QCY-T2 experience

Extreme sound effect true wireless Bluetooth headset QCY-T2 experience

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The current true wireless Bluetooth headset market is a mixed bag, with products ranging from a dozen yuan to thousands of yuan, the quality of which is evenly uneven; on the whole, the high-end price is almost Apple’s standout, and the mid-range price is QCY. The brand of Shangaotou is more suitable for the consumption of young people in terms of cost performance and quality. Therefore, the recent QCY T2 new product pre-sale, I can’t wait to start.

After a few days of use, it is quite satisfactory in all aspects, today I will share with you this QCY T2 true wireless Bluetooth headset.


The packaging uses a new green and pure white color scheme, with a small and fresh style. The upper left corner is the brand logo, and the English word “Enjoy” is shown below. You can see QCY’s confidence in T2 headphones. There is also an English sentence below. According to the type of headphones, the packaging uses a translucent design. It does not have a high-end, technological sense for the outsourcing of headphones, but it is acceptable with a small fresh style.

The technical parameters of QCY T2 are introduced on the back of the package. The headset uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and the stable transmission distance can reach ten meters. The lower part introduces the main materials of the package and some basic information of the manufacturer.

The transparent packaging box can be seen without opening the product and a cylindrical storage and charging unit. The small box next to the product is an accessory. There are three small icons on it, which represent the charging cable, ear caps and instructions.

The charging cable is a Micro USB interface, which is quite popular. I accidentally dropped the USB data cable of the mobile phone. It comes with two pairs of silicone ear caps for three ear canals of large, medium and small, so that we can find a comfortable configuration to enjoy music. .

Back to the topic, first of all, see the two prominent keys on the headset, two on the left and right bodies, the multifunction key + volume adjustment key, the right ear is to increase, and the left ear is to decrease the volume. I have not used it directly before. Real wireless bluetooth headset with buttons to adjust the volume, will it be much more convenient to use, we will elaborate when we experience it.

The back cover of the QCY T2 is frosted, and the gloss and feel are good. The skin-friendly material is used on the inside, which conforms to the ergonomic design and fits into the contour of the ear. It will be more stable and difficult to fall when worn. ,More comfortable.

The charging compartment uses a pull-out design. The front 1 \ 4 is polished with aluminum alloy and the back is plastic. The same matte process makes the overall feel very comfortable, and no fingerprints are left after touching the finger. . Provides a stable and high-looking value. Because the material changes, the position where the silver and black intersect is just right. At first I thought it was the position of the pull-out. In fact, inside the aluminum alloy are some charging components and batteries.

The storage bin is only in the second half. For the convenience of opening, a small tail is also designed. Below the silicone rope is the power indicator light and the power indicator button. There are a total of four small lights, which represent four grids of electricity. Click the button to view the remaining power. This function is very practical. You can check the power at any time. You can respond in advance when there is no power. You do n’t have to wait until you can charge to know that there is no power. At the same time, the power indicator is not always on.

After opening, because the two card slots are marked with “R and L”, it is easy to distinguish the left and right headphones. You can see that there are two golden bumps on the two card slots, which correspond to the two concave points on the headphones. , You can start charging after listening to the song, don’t worry about carelessly forgetting to charge.

QCY T2’s charging compartment has a magnetic suction design for drawing. It will have a strong acceleration when it is pulled out and pushed in to the end point. The actual use is very good.

Use experience


When using the QCY T2 for the first time, you need to manually pair it with your mobile phone or computer. The search is a second connection. When you use it again, you can almost hear the connected sound before wearing the headset, because when you remove it from the charging compartment, the headset will Automatically power on, the left and right ears are connected in series, searching for paired Bluetooth signals, eliminating previous complicated operations, simplifying complexity, saving a lot of time, and enjoying music at any time.


QCY T2 uses a side-in-ear structure that fits into the ear canal, making it more stable and comfortable when worn. After wearing the headphones, I performed a fast running and long jump test. The position of the headphones slightly changed, but there was no sign of falling off. After jogging, the squat test was stable as before, and the single ear weighed only 3.9g. I don’t feel the pressure when wearing the ear canal.

Support IPX4 waterproof, sweat of exile is easy, it seems that this Bluetooth headset can also be used as a sports headset.


The Bluetooth version of the QCY T2 headset is V5.0, which has a more stable connection, close to lossless high-definition sound quality, and ultra-low latency sound and picture synchronization. You ca n’t feel the delay when watching movies and watching movies. You can find it when you listen to the game carefully A little delay, but it will not affect the operation of the game, after all, you can’t hear it if you don’t listen carefully.

Sound quality:

As the most important indicator of headphones, sound quality is naturally tested in detail. The new 6mm full-frequency sound unit, combined with a thin PET diaphragm, brings more balanced audio and more layered music. With the support of the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the data transmission is infinitely close to the original sound.

Using Skylar Grey’s “I Know You” as test music, the melody of this song’s piano companion is like whispering a lingering love story, don’t think too much, the sound lingers in your ears and can’t be dispersed for a long time.

Later, I used the highly vocal “CIty of Stars” and the traditional drum music “Drum Poems” to test. I found that the treble of QCY T2 is clear and transparent, and has good ductility, which is unforgettable after listening. . The midrange is thick, full, and round. The vocal details and reproduction are good. It is especially suitable for current pop music. It is particularly powerful in bass, and it has a good sense of volume. . It can perfectly interpret the sense of layering and position of music.

To sum up:

The shortcomings of QCY T2 are obvious. The color is single, the selectivity is low, and there will be a little delay in playing the game sound. The advantage is that it has a cute and lovely appearance, super simple and convenient operation, versatile buttons, high-definition noise reduction, and long battery life. Pull-out charging compartment.

The advantages and disadvantages of this product are extremely obvious, but as a portable device, it has achieved all the qualities. We cannot force Alto to achieve Audi’s level. There is nothing wrong with listening to the sound below 10,000 yuan, listening to songs quietly is really good.

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