Lenovo HE05 BT Earphones BT5.0 Sports Sweatproof Headset

Lenovo HE05 sports Bluetooth 5.0 headset trial experience

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Creative position statement: This is my real evaluation, I reserve the right of final interpretation!

First of all, I introduce myself, I am a flat model ~ age… it is not convenient to disclose ~

Due to the needs of the work, I often take the location, I like to listen to the song while I go out, so a good and affordable headset is still very important to me.

Some time ago, the original earphones fell out of water, so I went shopping on Taobao for a long time, and found this Lenovo HE05 new headphones, the price is more appropriate, the Lenovo brand’s credibility is still very high, after all, is the top 500 Haha.

After starting the trial for more than 10 days, the characteristics: the earphones are very light, wearing no discomfort on the neck, the earplugs are not rubbing ears, but also equipped with 3 different size earplugs; the collar can be bent at will, adjust to suit yourself The most comfortable way to wear the neck is very convenient. As for the sound quality, I don’t understand the truth. Anyway, I still feel very comfortable, can meet my daily needs; support microphone hands-free calling, it is convenient to answer the phone when going out. The call effect is also good, very clear; in terms of power, I have not tried to use all the electricity at one time. Whenever I use it, it always has electricity~

Ok, this is my trial experience of more than 10 days. It is worthwhile to start this. After all, Lenovo HE05 is still a big brand, the price is very affordable, and now there are activities, the original price of 19.84 US dollars, the first 1050 Just $10.97! ! !

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