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Xiaomi ecological chain Haylou GT1 true wireless headset experience

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Bluetooth headsets are not unfamiliar to everyone. They have been tepid in the early years, until the emergence of Apple AirPods brought the fiery heat of the Bluetooth headset market in the past two years. The binaural wireless Bluetooth headset not only got rid of the shackles of the wire, but also Come a good sound quality experience. There are a lot of Bluetooth headsets on the market, and the price is uneven. Is it worth spending a thousand dollars to buy a pair of AirPods Bluetooth headsets, or choose a price-performance product of one or two hundred yuan?

In addition to price in terms of Bluetooth headset selection, most users should consider portable, practical and easy to control features. Because I like to listen to music, and individuals tend to have a product of one or two hundred yuan, because the digital product is replaced more frequently, and it will change if it is used for a long time. This time I started a Haylou GT1 true wireless headset, and then share it with you.

From the simple paper packaging box, you can see the product name is GT1 true wireless Bluetooth headset. The product features this headset supports Bluetooth 5.0, portable and charging two-in-one portable design, using smart touch operation.

The back of the box introduces the basic parameters and manufacturer information of the headset. The manufacturer is Dongguan Hunting Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and the team is a professional Internet Bluetooth audio brand. As the Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise, Hunting is the core of the intelligent wireless audio equipment, participating in the research and development of equipment in the wireless and audio fields, providing R&D and production services for the Xiaomi brand Bluetooth headset.

Product family portrait: pair of headphones, matching ear cap, earphone charging / storage box, USB charging cable, manual. In terms of accessories, it is considered to be more thoughtful, plus a total of 3 different types of ear caps on the earphones, and a portable storage bag with a leather.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of this storage/charging box. The shape is relatively round, the box is not big, and there is a Haylou brand logo on it. It can be easily put into a jeans bag or a tight pocket for easy carrying. The outer shell is treated with a black matte finish that is not easily scratched during use and carrying.

The charging interface of the 2-in-1 storage box is behind the box and is equipped with an original charging cable, but like our usual Micro USB, the charging can be charged with a normal 5V power adapter. There is a charging indicator next to it, the red indicator is on when the indicator is not full, and the indicator is off when it is full.

The bottom of the charging box shows that the product input parameter is 5V 500mA, the output is 5V 150mA, and the charging box has a built-in capacity of 310mAh lithium polymer battery. The charging time is about 1.5 hours.

For the Bluetooth headset, the battery life can be said that everyone is more concerned. The Haylou GT1 single headphone battery capacity is 43mAh, the standby time is up to 120 hours, and the music can be listened to for more than 10 hours. The power of the headset plus the charging box can provide a continuous endurance guarantee.

The earphones are small and light to wear, and the Haylou GT1 adopts a smaller body size to fit the auricle. It weighs only 4 grams, so the pressure is small when worn, and it has a good hidden effect from the front. In the operation, the common physical button is cancelled, and the high-precision touch panel with simple operation is adopted, and the long-pressing, two- or three-time touch control functions such as controlling music, voice assistant, and answering the hang-up call are realized.

The Bluetooth connection between the devices is believed to be very familiar to everyone. When the headset is removed from the charging box, it can be automatically turned on, and the left and right headphones are connected in series. At this time, open the phone or tablet and other devices, the Bluetooth search displays “Haylou-GT1” and click to complete the connection, waiting for the mobile phone. Pairing, after the first use, the phone Bluetooth will remain on, and the headset can be connected back to the phone. Compared with the previous generation of Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has improved the application of wireless Bluetooth, and has certain optimization and improvement in terms of transmission distance, delay, codec speed, and wireless signal compatibility.

In terms of sound quality, a 7.2mm high dynamic sensitivity speaker is placed in this small earphone, and the high-fidelity stereo is brought with Bluetooth 5.0 and DSP technology. The music is clear and soft, the bass is thick, and the call is clear and noiseless. Equipped with different sizes of ear caps, the use of the appropriate model will bring more comfort.

After use, put the earphone into the storage box, built-in magnetic design, when the battery of the headset is not full, you can see that the power indicator on the earphone is red and bright, indicating charging.

In terms of carrying, it can be directly put into the bag or bag, and the attached storage bag can better protect the product, and the storage bag can be conveniently placed.

to sum up

The above simple experience of this Haylou GT1 Bluetooth headset, and finally summarize the advantages and disadvantages.


1, The shape is small and convenient to carry, there is no pressure when wearing;

2, The operation is simple and easy to use, automatic boot and left and right earphone interconnection, reducing the cumbersome operation steps;

3, The sound quality, personal feeling is also okay.


For the time being, there are some obvious problems. It may be said that the operation may be unfamiliar with the touch method. It feels that long-press, two- or three-time touch is sometimes not well controlled.

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