Xiaomi Xiaoai classmate portable Bluetooth speaker in-depth review

Xiaomi Xiaoai classmate portable Bluetooth speaker in-depth review

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With the improvement of living standards, people have a variety of ways to enjoy life. It is inevitable to have a Bluetooth speaker at home and enjoy music anytime and anywhere ~ As a fake Xiaomi fan, I released Xiaomi Xiaoai portable speaker Then get (ω) one.

Not much to say into the topic.


This packaging is a bit too simple. The outside uses a transparent plastic box (I lost it … you can find it on Google.) The inside is fixed with a carton. The accessories are only the manual and a lanyard without a charging cable. . However, the price of $ 24.69 is not required.


Xiao Ai uses a pure white minimalist design. There is no much modification except for some necessary openings and an indicator light. This design feels pretty good. The front indicator light also adds a touch of dullness, and the corresponding status is as follows:

The blue light is always on for 2 seconds after turning on and enters the corresponding state; the blue light is off when the Bluetooth is off; the blue light is blinking quickly after pairing; the Bluetooth is paired, the blue light is blinking slowly after 2 seconds and the light is flashing once every 8 seconds; the Bluetooth connection is back and the blue light is slow Flashes once every 8 seconds; low power, red light flashes slowly; charging, red light is always on; full power, red light is off; incoming calls, blue light flashes quickly.

The weight of the whole machine is only 52g, which can be said to be very light. Its volume is beyond imagination. Even girls can hold it with one hand, and it is not a problem in their pockets. The free lanyard is also very convenient and strong.

Although the plastic used in the appearance is very strong, you can rest assured that editor Xiaoai accidentally threw it out of his pocket during the use process again. I thought it was definitely broken, but in the end it was just a small gap in the appearance. Xiaomi well done.

The bottom is equipped with non-slip silicone, which can be stably placed at an angle. These details reflect Xiaomi’s intentions.

3.Sound quality

Xiao Ai’s portable version uses a small-caliber large magnetic circuit design. The bass must go to the treble, especially the bass is very impressive. Equipped with DRC dynamic compression algorithm, so that the sound can have a high volume while being small and bright without distortion.


Xiao Ai can only use Bluetooth to connect with mobile phones or MP3 devices. It does not support SD cards, supports Bluetooth 4.2, high-speed and stable connection, strong anti-interference ability, and the connection distance has increased. The connection is also very convenient. Long press the power on to enter the connection state and then turn on the mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection.

This is the unique feature of this speaker, you can wake up Xiao Ai classmates with one click after connecting your phone! Xiao Ai ’s convenience need not be said more, usually ask the weather, listen to a song or the like can and can control Xiaomi smart home. You can show another wave in front of your friends.

Note, however, that it only supports waking up the mobile phone Xiaoai, not the stereo with the Xiaoai classmate function. If you need it, you can refer to Xiaoai classmate mini.


Xiaoai classmates are equipped with a 480mAh battery that can play continuously for about 4 hours at 70% volume. In standby mode, it has reached 45 days. No problem in daily use. Whether it is listening to songs when you are bored at home, or It is good to sing songs in the store to attract customers, but if you need to pay attention to payment reminders, when there is no pairing record, it will automatically shut down after 5 minutes, and enter standby mode when there is a pairing record or when it is connected.

For the first time, I hope that friends who love technology and Xiaomi will pay attention and support, thank you!

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