Leather-Pouch Crystal case for PSP2000/3000 – Button blue


PSP shell although glamorous, but with scratches, the will be overshadowed, the appearance is affected. Today I introduce you to a new version of PSP Chaoji second generation crystal case , light blue color with blue PSP is very appropriate.(PSP 2000 Crystal Case

Chaoji new second-generation PSP is very simple crystal shell packaging, a simple plastic packaging. Whole body with light blue color. It is very elegant, if you have a blue PSP, and crystal shell with no better. Crystal Shell surface covered with a layer of transparent film, serve to prevent wear flowers in transit housing role.(PSP Accessories

The overall use of crystal shell polycarbonate material, impact resistance and wear resistance are very excellent. Ex police shields, also used polycarbonate manufacturing, so the PSP crystal case certainly can protect the security of the host. Crystal shell abrasive edges smooth. No obvious defects. Crystal shell is easy to install, just put them into the PSP console, cover and install even finished. While protecting the host, does not affect you play the game in hand. Recommended that the back-slip crystal shell particles, can prevent the hand sliding situation.(PSP 3000 Crystal Case

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