TOMTOP Is Ready Broadcasting Itself To The Whole World


TOMTOP was started at 2004 about wholesale business. The mainly products are Clothing, Smartphone, Tablet PCs, LED Lights and other cool gadgets.

However, nowadays the social media marketing is getting more and more popular in the whole world. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc, are trying to change everything, no matter you like or dislike. If you don’t wanna join, the fact is you out!

Shopping online totally changed the traditional way of life. There is a quick stat about 72.6% of internet users will buy online in the past 2011. (The statistics available in US ). TOMTOP is trying to follow the trends and spending more and more times on researching online users shopping experience. About their shopping habits, the satisfaction about efficiency of  customer service of TOMTOP. For example, there is a customer complaint about she didn’t get the mail on time and she was trying to send emails to customer service to solve the problems. But it seems the process lasts too long and we found customers are getting lose patience and confidence about the traditional way to solve the problems. It pushed us try to change, then TOMTOP Facebook page, TOMTOP Twitter Channel, TOMTOP LinkedIn etc were be built. Customers and find us immediately and solve the problems just by posting a post on Facebook wall or tweet a message to @tomtopfans, then we will try to solve the problems as soon as possible. Because if the problems can’t be solved on time, then it will generate bad influence and users experience to all the fans on TOMTOP’s social network. The great pressure make us keep trying to do the best. Social network changed TOMTOP, also bring great benefits to TOMTOP.

We are looking forward you join TOMTOP Social Media Communities.

Now we have more than 34,000 Likes on Facebook, more and more friends join TOMTOP everyday.

Over 5000 Fans followed us on Twitter

LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, you can find TOMTOP anywhere on internet.

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