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Novelty and Interesting toys, can arouse people’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge, also can explore new ideas and stimulate creativity. Puzzle toys, are not only growing popular by children, but also gradually into the adult world, especially for white-collar who is office-worker in the city. In February the just-concluded Toy Fair Hong Kong, Nuremberg and Toy Fair toys in New York, educational toys is together with high-tech toys together, become the biggest highlight of the international toy fair, but also add a ray of beautiful and vitality for toys market.

In modern life, the pace of life is more and more fast, so we should face more and more pressure in our life. Some people choose campaign to relieve the pressure, some people choose reading books to relieve the pressure. Today, there are a large part of people began to select toys to relieve the pressure, then puzzle toys are gradually into the adult consumption. The prevalence of educational toys, lead to the development of its industries. Some domestic entrepreneurs began to try to enter the marketing field of educational toys, at the same time, there are a number of problems in the development of educational toys.

As we know, China is an ancient civilization which has long history, so Chinese classical puzzle toys are very popular, the Chinese ancient puzzle game and classic toys, such as mathematics nine rings, puzzle, Huarong, Luban lock, four-gratifying and more, these puzzle toys involve mathematics, geometry, topology, operations research, graph theory and other subjects, so the West referred these toys as “China’s problems.” Luban lock is western countries favorite educational toys, it asle referred to as “Kong Ming’s lock” or “Eight Trigrams Lock”, is a kind of carpentry puzzle game created in Ancient China. This game embodies the highest degree of covolization and wisdom. It is unique in both its style and the way in which one plays it.

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