10 Inch Latest Android2.1 WiFi GPS Tablet PC


Latest GPS Tablet PC CEM111 has fast and convenient touch-screen, 10-inch E-Book, Android2.1 WIFI GPS Supports Cable. Fly OEM version of the second generation touch has a 10.1-inch Touchscreen Tablet PC can support wired, wireless, 3G Internet access, also supports the GPS navigation function, and supports many video formats. You can smooth 1080P video playback with support for 720p high-definition HDMI output, dual USB high-speed interface, dual TF card slot.

The OEM version has a second-generation super high-definition 10.1-inch touchscreen, and as usual Normal Tablet PC that has back button (Backspace).

Tablet PC

Integrated Touch Pen

The picture above shows the different interfaces followed, DC-connection / (RJ45) network cable / TF card slot 1/USB-Schnittstelle/1, TF card slot 2 / USB interface 2 / 3.5 mm headset seat / Wi-Fi switch (If not using the wireless network, this switch because it save the current) / Speaker 1 / HOME button / MENU Men?e/Lautst eregelung / Start button / camera / microphone MIC / GPS antenna interface / Speakers 2 / the touch pen stand. This touch pen can be inserted in pencil holder.

In addition to these built-in wired network card bursts (outstanding position) is this very nice Tablet PC Rear appearance. Users can choose to cancel, you can slide the slider to shut down, from joining to the shock;

(Note that the lock can be turned on and off screen, the title bar of the software keys invalid.)

Start completely standby interface. You can unlock the key to open the slide below the classic Apple style, the castle-screen interface.

Barriers when entering the electronic picture frame mode support, funding to unlock screen. Users can add, delete, install the desktop widget, you can add, remove application icon, the icon moves to adjust the position; icon in the work area or work area and drag the shortcut between the columns, add and delete icons.

tablet pc

Application icon, application icons link model, style, style icons for Apple.

Weather Forecast

Weather components can be added on the desktop, weather conditions for 2 days; set is a different city, the display format, such as set temperature, wind-display units, the current weather update from time to time in the animation, time to time animation again.

There are three parts to the desktop it weather and time of a small software and time-frame as HTC cell phone, the clock can add a clock on the desktop components, you can set the time zone of the city, the display format, such as bell-shaped display or electronic display set, 12-hour or 24 hour form shape, etc.

Calendar component can be added to the desktop, can set the date and day display, date by moving switch and down effect.

Fast step-icon interface

The GPS Tablet PC is very sensitive to be more convenient touchscreen, you can gently with your finger, the music player supports by artist, album, song, playlist support class by artist, album, song, playlist classification.

Video Player

Support play, pause, rewind, fast forward function; can drag the progress bar to adjust the playback progress, not for 2 seconds, the control window automatically disappears Press, 1080p (1920 * 1080) Full-HD Playback
Photography, video, sound recording

supported by the preview camera, you can delete photos to share, is set. Recording feature, click “Record”, we began the recording playback, click on “Play” to start playback.

GPS Navigation

Web browsers support secure web browsing, such as online banking, online shopping. To clear and smooth playback of video sites like yotube mainstream.

Google Maps

3G network configuration, you can surf through the device’s 3G network, Internet, online chat, etc.

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