How to protect your baby from harm in daily life

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All the Parents in the world share a common desire, to rise their children healthily and happily. Infants and children always spend the most time and parents’ time. The baby is too weak to be hurt. Any illness and accidental injury are fatal to him, so the safety of the child must be highly valued by parents. Some baby safety devices are also important.

When the baby has not yet learned to walk, he always needs his mother to accompany him. Even if he sleeps, his parents will not feel at ease. If you are experiencing the same situation, then you need this 2.4GHz wireless video baby monitor baby safety camera. A baby monitor can keep your baby in sight. Comes with a 3.5-inch LCD monitor and infrared camera. One monitor can be paired with four cameras. Parents can choose to monitor or scan the camera’s camera one by one. The picture shows live video and audio, which can clearly display the surveillance video even in the dark. It supports two-way conversation, you can hear the baby’s voice, you can also let the baby hear your voice clearly, 4 kinds of soft music can Let the baby sleep quietly late. Temperature monitoring helps you to observe the temperature in your baby’s room and hum at temperatures above 30 °C, making it the best choice for baby monitoring.Video Baby Monitor Baby Security Camera With 3.5'' TFT LCD 2 Way Talkback 2.4GHz Digital Infrared Night Vision

When your child is half a year old, he can sit on his own, but he is still very fragile and can easily fall off the chair, so when he is sitting in a chair playing or eating, you need to prepare a baby high chair Harness A portable seat belt for him. This high chair harness is perfect for families, restaurants or mom’s waist. It is made of high quality soft cotton for your baby’s comfort. The belt can be adjusted to the chair to ensure the safety of the baby. The Baby High Chair is secured by a buckle that is easy to install and remove, lightweight, foldable and easy to carry. This is one of the most important items to protect your child.Baby High Chair Harness Portable Safety Belt

The most troublesome thing for parents is that the baby is sick. A fever is the most common condition, so it is necessary to have a GL Infant LCD Quick Read digital baby ear thermometer for your baby. This ear thermometer is designed for babies. Infrared laser reads ear temperature, has LCD display and fast reading function, easy to test, green is normal; yellow hair is low-grade; red hair is high fever. You can Choose degrees Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F) readings.GL Infant LCD Quick Read Digital Baby Ear Thermometer

When your child is learning to walk, all the items in the house are potentially dangerous to them, especially the corners of the furniture, which is very dangerous for young children. And this Safety Clear Corner Protector Sharp Corner Guards protects your baby to the utmost. This safety corner protects your child from hard, sharp corners and edges with a soft, high-density cushion that absorbs impact. Made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials for long-term use, it is suitable for most furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinet side and coffee tables, tables, countertops, shelves and other furniture with sharp corners.4Pcs/Pack Safety Clear Corner Protector Sharp Corner Guards Coffee Table Corner Cushion for Tables & Furniture & Sharp corners Baby Proofing

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