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Xiaomi Mi 9T trailer shows an unparalleled full-screen experience


The Mi 9 series new mobile phone Xiaomi 9T is now part of the rumor factory. Xiaomi confirmed the existence of the new Mi 9T phone through a trailer released on its social media channel. However, its specifications and release date are still a mystery. The Mi 9T will be side by side with the Mi 9, Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 transparent versions, which will be unveiled in China in February.

The official trailers and pictures released on Thursday give us a full-screen experience of Xiaomi 9T. This phone obviously does not have any display notches or cuts. In addition, from the picture, there is a headphone in front of the phone, and there may be room for a pop-up self-timer camera.

Xiaomi did not reveal the meaning of the letter “T” in the name of the new phone model. Fans can start Lenovo to make some guesses. The phone can carry a specific “turbo” function to improve performance, or it may have an ultra-thin build.

On Wednesday, Xiaomi showed off the Mi 9 series of mobile phones through the Mi 9T-related rendering. It shows that the phone has a triple rear camera setting and a pop-up self-portrait. In addition, it confirms the gradual back and curved edge display panels on the front of the phone.

Unlike the Mi 9T’s full-screen experience, which is expected with a thin-framed display and a pop-up camera, the standard Xiaomi Mi 9 provides a traditional drop-through display slot for the front-facing camera. There may also be various hardware level changes to distinguish between new models and existing models, including the Mi 9, Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 transparent versions.

Xiaomi Mi 9T also recently obtained the NBTC certification from Thailand and the NCC certification from Taiwan.

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